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By Angela Nwanodu  :

It is now widely known that Anambra State has set an impressive precedence, securing four prestigious awards at the 11th National Council on Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy (NCCIDE) meeting held in Kano State, Nigeria. While the awards ceremony may be in the past, their significance endures.

What may elude many is that these accolades were the outcome of a substantial presentation by the Anambra State ICT Agency team, illuminating the technological advancements and initiatives under the visionary leadership of Gov. Chukwuma Soludo.

These awards not only shine a spotlight on Anambra’s unwavering commitment to tech-driven governance but also accentuate a series of groundbreaking accomplishments in the realm of Digital Infrastructure Development. Here are the key achievements that paved way for the Digital Infrastructure award:

Enhanced Deployment of Fiber Ducts Across the State: In collaboration with private entities, the ICT Agency has significantly improved the deployment of over 2, 000 kilometers of fiber ducts across the State. This infrastructure development project stands as a testament to the State’s dedication to robust connectivity. 

The ongoing efforts focused on expanding this network to fortify digital communication, support economic growth, and bridge technological gaps within Anambra State.

Provision of a Data Centre: The ICT Agency is currently in the process of establishing a state-of-the-art Data Centre, reinforcing the State’s commitment to technological infrastructure development. Ongoing efforts involve strategic planning to ensure the seamless design, development, completion, and deployment of this essential project. The Data Centre will serve as a cornerstone for secure data storage, processing, and management, significantly contributing to the state’s digital resilience and efficiency.

Public Wi-Fi Initiative: The state government has initiated the Pilot Phase of the Free Public Wi-Fi (Solution Wi-Fi) at 3 locations in the state namely: Aroma Junction, Book foundation and Unizik back gate. This marks a considerable stride, and efforts are underway to extend this Public Wi-Fi, also known as Solution Wi-Fi, to various public spaces across the State in line with the People’s Manifesto.

Full Implementation of Zero Right of Way (RoW) policy to attract tech investors for infrastructure development: Gov. Soludo’s audacious move to fortify infrastructure has led to the full implementation of the Zero Right of Way (RoW) policy in Anambra State. This initiative has motivated InfraCos to enhance tech infrastructure in the state, resulting in an improved quality of service, including the phased introduction of 5G services by Telcos. Anambra proudly stands as the first State in the Southeastern region of Nigeria to implement this policy.

As the state continues its journey toward digital resilience and efficiency, these achievements stand as a beacon, inspiring other regions and reinforcing Anambra’s status as a leader in the digital landscape.

*Angela is of the Ministry of Information, Anambra State


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