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Ease of Doing Business


The Ease of Doing Business project was launched in 2002, it looks at domestic small and medium-size companies and measures the regulations applying to them through their life cycle.

It provides quantitative indicators on regulation for starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, getting credit, protecting minority investors, paying taxes, trading across borders, enforcing contracts and resolving insolvency, also measures features of employing workers.


  • To act as umpire on investments matters thereby eliminating business and investment barriers and bottlenecks.
  • To aid improvement of the business enabling environment by following up on steps towards enhancing land administration, regulatory framework for private investment in fiber optic infrastructure, PPP investment promotion framework and economic opportunity in the State.
  • To move Anambra from No. 7 to No. 1 in EoDB ranking in the country for all indicators

Anambra Ranks 7th in Nigeria and 1st in Southern Nigeria
for Sub-National Ease of Doing Business

Council Members

Mrs Chiamaka Nnake
Commissioner, Ministry of Budget and Planning State Reform Champion
Mr. Mark Okoye
MD/CEO, ANSIPPA State Council Chairman
Mrs. Christy Akabua
Senior Planning Officer, Ministry of Budget & Economic Planning
Prof Sylvia Ifemeje
Attorney General/ Commissioner, Ministry of Justice Council Member
Prof O. Amucheazi
Commissioner for Lands Council Member
Mr. Christian Udechukwu
Commissioner for Industry Council Member
Mr. Izuchukwu Okafor
Commissioner for Finance Council Member
Dr Chukwudi Okoli
Accountant General, Anambra State Council Member
Barr. P. Igwebuike
Commissioner, Ministry of Transport Council Member
Engr. J. Chukwuemeka
Commissioner, Ministry of Power & Water Resources Council Member
Mr. C. Fred Agbata
MD/CEO Anambra State ICT Agency Council Member
Mr. Paul Nwosu
Commissioner, Ministry of Information Council Member
Mr. Emma Oyilofor
Director General, Strategy, Execution & Evaluation Council Member
Pharm C. Chukwudozie
Branch Manager, MAN Anambra, Enugu, & Ebonyi Council Member
Princess Caroline Ajuora
President, Awka Chamber of Commerce Council Member
Mr. Greg Ezeilo
Chairman, Anambra State Internal Revenue Service Council Member
Barr. Chike F. Maduekwe
Executive Chairman, Anambra State Physical Planning Board Council Member

EoDB Council Mandate

  • Set reform targets and oversee the implementation of the reforms.
  • Resolve bottlenecks arising from the operations of government agencies. 
  • Communicate the reform agenda to all stakeholders within government and in the business community.
  • Conduct monthly meetings to provide oversight on the activities of MDAs involved in the EoDB drive.

Frontline MDAs

  • Ministry of Land
  • Anambra Physical Planning Agency
  • Anambra State Signage and Advertisement Agency
  • Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency
  • Ministry of Power & Water Resources

Ease of Doing Business Stimulators

  • Annual Business enabling reforms and action plan for the year approved by the State Executive Council and published online latest by 31st January of each year.
  • Performance of the outgoing year, prepared with and including records of, private sector participation approved by State Executive Council and published online on 31st December of the outgoing year.
  • Publishing of State’s audited financial statements of the previous year, prepared in accordance with International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS).
  • Publishing of annual state debt sustainability analysis and Medium term debt management strategy
    Publishing of State’s annual Budget
  • Publishing on the state official website information on:

i.the process for obtaining Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) including all relevant MDAs, time frames and costs; and

  1. the process for obtaining Construction Permits including all relevant MDAs, time frames and costs;

iii.Creation of a data centric digital archive of C of O’s with a searchable index in accordance with international good standards

iv.Adopting the Framework for Responsible Investment in Land Intensive Agriculture (FRILIA).

  • State-level technical PPP coordination unit/agency maintained;
  • Published on state’s official website:

i.the PPP Fiscal Commitment and Contingent Liability (FCCL) Management Framework;

  1. the PPP legal and institutional framework, including guidelines and manual;

iii. the PPP disclosure framework; AND Web-based disclosure portal/ website publishes pipeline PPP projects

  • Existence of PPP Project Pipeline
  • State Project Facilitation Fund is established with a minimum funding of 3% of the total pipeline estimated capital investment.
  • Track record of Compliance with PPP Contract Agreements
  • Quick resolution of disputes arising from PPP projects in accordance with global best practices
  • Establishment of an Investment Promotion Agency/Unit (IPA)
  • The Investment promotion agency (IPA) mandated as the lead organization promoting investment into the State
  • Publishing on state official website: Inventory of all investment incentives (Federal and State) available in the State, including information on:
  1. legal reference instrument,
  2. sectors,
  3. eligibility criteria,
  4. description of benefits,
  5. duration,
  6. awarding and implementing agency, and
  7. year when the incentive was introduced
  • The IPA updates its website with information as per the verification protocols, including access to credit.
  • The IPA organizes at least 2 information sessions for investors quarterly on access to credit and provided assistance to investors to link them to credit institutions.
  • Publishing on state’s official website: schedule of trade related fees and levies on inter-state movement of goods.
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanism for traders established including SMS/hotline for reporting and redress.
  • Publishing on state’s official website: a state export strategy and guidelines.

Having a robust security architecture that is aimed at first preventing criminal activities and also responding swiftly wherever and whenever there is a breach of security attracts investment. Security can be expensive depending on the sector and size of business and as such not having to worry much about security is a huge turn-on for investments as this reduces their overall cost of doing business

  • State amended existing legislation or passing new legislation to adopt presumptive turnover tax regime for small businesses;
  • State subsumed business-related local government charges/fees/taxes into a consolidated demand notice
  • Electronic platform established for the collection of taxes, levies, and fees from businesses and automated e- receipt generation (QR code or unique payment ID) for all business-enabling environment related MDAs.
  • All State-level and local government taxes, levies, and fees from businesses can be paid electronically.

There is a positive correlation between infrastructure development and attracting investments. Investing in physical infrastructure like transportation network, high speed internet connectivity (5G fiber optics), power supply, etc. attracts investments.

Requirements for Starting a Business in Anambra

Processes for Relevant MDAs

Ministry of Lands: Land Property Registration Guidelines (Individual)

Anambra State Physical Planning Board:
Current Schedule of Planning Fees

The Anambra State Physical Planning Board (ANSPPB) is committed to facilitating orderly and sustainable urban development. Access to all necessary information on the current government-approved minimum rates for various types of construction permits within Anambra State are provided as required.

These rates are contingent upon factors such as the location of the building development, the size of the land, and the number of buildings involved. For precise assessments, please contact ANSPPB at the provided phone numbers: +2348062533672, +2348033561344, or +2347032428625.

Associated Payments: Please be aware of additional associated payments for services rendered by your consultants, such as Site Analysis Report, Technical Report from a registered Town Planner, Engineering Undertaking from a COREN registered/certified Engineer, Material testing (depending on the complexity of the Project), etc. The fees for these services are negotiable and are determined either by mutual agreement or as stipulated by the respective professional bodies.

Payment Information: All official payments for building or construction permits must be made directly to the Government of Anambra State through any Commercial Bank, utilizing the Anambra State Identity Number (ASIN) of the owner of the development. If you do not possess an ASIN, kindly enroll and obtain it promptly at Enumeration Services []. Payments are to be made into the single payment window designated as “PLANNING RATE.”

Please click on this link to view or download the current approved minimum planning rates for different Classes of Areas, Building/Land Use Categories, and Development Types.

Note: All rates are subject to upward review soonest.


1. Cash deposits / transfers at Commercial Banks: Walk into any commercial bank in Anambra State and make payments for your Building / Construction permits according to the rates stated above.

2. Point of Sale (POS): Walk into Anambra State Physical Planning Board and request to make payment with your Debit card using the POS machine provided by the Anambra State Internal Revenue Service and domiciled with the revenue officer at the ANSPPB Headquarters.

3.  Pay online from any part of the world through REMITA.


Step 1: Visit REMITA Website using their URL: to create an account with them. Then, sign in to make your payments.

Step 2: Click on the tab: Pay Remita Biller.

Step 3: Enter Anambra State Physical Planning Board in the box under the question, ‘who do you want to pay’.

Step 4: Select Anambra State Physical Planning Board-Planning Rate in the box under the question ‘Service Name’.

Step 5: Fill in the ‘Customer Id’.

Step 6: Put the amount of money you wish to pay for according to the prescribed rate on the Fee schedule or the assessment done for your project.

Step 7: Click on Submit for Processing to proceed with the payment. After making your payment, you will receive a notification of payment via your registered email. Kindly visit the receipt officer at ANSPPB using the payment reference of the transaction to print out your e-receipt for you as issued by Anambra State Internal Revenue Service.

Application Process and Guidelines for Obtaining Building Permit in Anambra State

In pursuant of Anambra State Urban and Regional Planning Law 2018, all individuals and organizations seeking to develop their land in Anambra State can apply for a development (building) permit through the following process:

Application Guidelines for Obtaining Right of Way in Anambra State

In Accordance with the provisions of ‘Anambra State Physical Planning Board No. 9 of 2013 (as amended), the Anambra State Physical Planning Board (ANSPPB) is charged with responsibility to grant approval for deployment of Telecommunication Infrastructure including but not limited to Telecommunication Towers and other infrastructure that promotes telecommunication business and connectivity in the State.

Please click on the link provided to view/download the Right of Way Application Guideline:

ANSAA: Billboards Installation Approval Processes and Guidelines

ANSIPPA: Anambra State Investment Promotion & Protection Agency

Ministry of Power & Water Resources: Water Connection Processes and Guidelines (For Domestic, Commercial, Government, Industrial & Institutional Use)

Fees for Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) for State Lands

Awka & Its Environs

Onitsha & Its Environs

Nnewi & Its Environs







Mr. Mark Okoye


State Council Chairman


Mrs. Chiamaka Nnake

Commissioner, Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning

State Reform Champion


Mr. Ifeatu Onejeme

Commissioner, Ministry of Finance

Council member


Prof. Offornze Amucheazi

Commissioner, Ministry of Lands


Council member


Engr Julius Chukwuemeka

Commissioner, Ministry of Power & Water Resources


Council member


Mr. Paul Nwosu

Commissioner, Ministry of Information

Council member


Mr. Christian Udechukwu

Commissioner, Ministry of Industry

Council member


Prof. Sylvia Ifemeje

Attorney-General/Commissioner, Ministry of Justice


Council member


Mr.Greg Ezeilo

Chairman, Anambra State Internal Revenue Service (AIRS)


Council member


Dr. Chukwudi Okoli

Accountant General


Council member


Mrs. Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata



Council member


Princess Caroline Nkechi Ajuora

President Awka Chamber of Commerce

Council member


Pharm. A. C Igweobi

Branch Manager, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi

Council member


Bar. Patricia Igwebuike

MC, Transport



Mr Emma Oyilofor

DG, Strategy, Execution and Evaluation



Mrs. Christy Akabua

Senior Planning Officer, Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning

State Focal Person






Ogochukwu Orji

Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning

Asst Program Coordinator


Chinedu Ekwealor Ph.D

Chamber of Commerce Industry Mines and Agriculture

Reform Leader


Chinedu Onyuike


Reform Leader


Nwike Nweke

Ministry of Power and Water Resources


Reform Leade


Chibuzo Nwabue


Reform Leader


Adaeze Igwebuike

Ministry of Transport

Reform Leader


Ngozi Omejieke

Min of Lands

Reform Leader


Nosike Okoli

Min of Finance

Reform Leader


Francis Andrew Chibuko

Office of the Accountant General

Reform Leader


Akachukwu Odinaka

Min of Justice

Reform Leader


Chuka Okeke

Min of Commerce

Reform Leader


Emmanuel Ikegwuani

Min of Information

Reform Leader


Castro Olisaeloka Ideke

Anambra State ICT Agency

Reform Leader

Contact: Anambra State EoDB Council

  • Physical Address: Jerome Udorji Secretary Complex, Awka
  • Phone Number: +234 812 222 6472
  • Email:
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