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By Christian ABURIME  :

Anambra State, under the leadership of Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, is charting a bold course towards a livable and prosperous future. With a focus on key areas like security, infrastructure, and human capital development, the administration’s efforts are already bearing fruit, especially in the transformative realm of education. 

Governor Soludo’s commitment to quality education is firm. Within 22 months, he has declared education truly free, eliminating hidden fees and levies from early childhood care all the way to junior secondary school. 

Secondary education has become more accessible than ever, with senior secondary fees slashed by 98% to a mere N5,000. 

This move has opened doors for countless students, paving the way for a brighter future. But the journey doesn’t end there. The unfolding education agenda promises a complete overhaul. Technology will be seamlessly integrated into the learning experience, making classrooms more engaging and interactive. 

Dilapidated schools will be transformed into modern learning spaces conducive to fostering knowledge and creativity. 

A renewed focus on professional development of teachers will restore pride and excellence to the teaching profession. 

Outdated content will be replaced with contemporary topics, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. The goal is to produce graduates who are not just problem solvers, but innovative thinkers and global citizens. 

To ensure this vision becomes a reality, a robust monitoring and evaluation system will be implemented. Performance data will be readily available, fostering healthy competition and improvement. 

Parents and students will have a voice through toll-free hotlines to report concerns and contribute to positive change. 

Through Public-Community-Private Partnership (PCPP), communities will be empowered to actively participate in school management through “Clubs of Patrons”, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability. 

Finally, recognizing the crucial role teachers play, the administration plans to introduce a competitive remuneration structure, making teaching a truly attractive and rewarding career choice. 

Professor Soludo’s education revolution is not just about numbers and policies; it is about unlocking the potential of every child in Anambra State. 

By investing in quality education, the administration is building a brighter future for the state, one young mind at a time.


By Ifeoma Aniagbado  :

The Commissioner for Youth Development, Mr. Patrick Agha-Mba has visited ICT centre in Ajani village, Ichida to underscore the significance of accessible primary education championed by Gov. Chukwuma Soludo.

The ICT centre, a memorial of Late Mrs. Ezinne Theresa Chiekezie by High Chief Innocent Chiekezie, served as a testament to the commitment to education for all in Anambra.

Addressing the students, Mr. Agha Mba specifically highlighted Gov. Soludo’s innovative Public Private Community Partnership (PPCP) program, emphasizing its role in providing essential ICT training for Anambra’s young pupils.

Expressing gratitude, he acknowledged Mr. Osita Ozalagba, Chairman of Ajani village, for actively facilitating the community’s utilization of the ICT centre.

Responding, Mr. Ozalagba expressed appreciation for Gov. Soludo’s administration and acknowledged Commissioner Agha-Mba’s dedication in inspecting and promoting ICT education within the community. 

According to him, this educational initiative aligns seamlessly with the vision of the donor, High Chief Innocent Chiekezie, focusing on nurturing a generation of global citizens capable of excelling at the highest levels of education.

*Ifeoma is of the Ministry of Information, Anambra State

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