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Anambra State Government Health Workers Recruitment Exam Time Table (Dec. 2023)


Candidates are expected to strictly adhere to the guidelines outlined below:

  1. Failure to be present on the exam date and time will lead to automatic disqualification.
  2. No writing materials of any kind are permitted within the examination hall, as the exam is Computer-Based Testing (CBT).
  3. Electronic devices, including mobile phones and calculators, are strictly prohibited in the exam hall.
  4. Candidates must present a valid means of identification upon arrival.
  5. Candidates must be present at the examination venue at least 30 minutes before the scheduled exam time. The venue for the examination is Integral Development Consult (IDK) Learning Center Awka, located at 18/20 Enugu-Onitsha Expressway, White House, Awka, Anambra State.
  6. Impersonation will result in immediate disqualification.

Kindly ensure compliance with these directives. Your understanding and adherence to these instructions are greatly appreciated.

Computer Users: Use the Ctrl + F keys to activate the find feature of your browser, type in your name, and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard to locate your name using the arrow keys provided.

Mobile Phone Users: Use the find feature of your phone app to locate your name in the list.


Police in Ozubulu and Umunze towns in Anambra State have smashed two deadly syndicates extorting money from unsuspecting members of the public via deadly threats.

At Umunze, Orumba South LGA Headquarters two suspects were nabbed after painstaking investigation.

The suspects had sent text messages to their victim identifying themselves as members of ESN and demanding that he paid them a huge sum or else he and his daughter would be kidnapped and killed.

Both suspects are now cooling their feet in detention and would be arraigned in court soon.

In a similar development the Police at Ozubulu, Headquarters of Ekwusigo LGA arrested one male suspect who used two different lines to issue deadly threats to a businessman. He claimed to be an ESN Commander and ordered his victim to pay up or be killed.

Meticulous investigation employing technology and human assets led detectives to his hideout where he was arrested and  both sims recovered. He was taken into custody and is to be arraigned in court. 

The Commissioner of Police, Anambra State Police Command, CP Aderemi Adeoye, has commended both DPOs for their diligence and painstaking effort which led to unravelling the identities of the crime suspects and apprehending them.

He assured that Command Headquarters will continue to motivate its personnel across the State for optimum performance.

*DSP Tochukwu Ikenga*

Police Public Relations Officer,

Anambra State Police Command,


15th November, 2023.

Anambra Assembly Committee on Works Visit Amansea Road Project

By Chizoba Okeke :

The Anambra State House Committee on Works has commended the contractor in charge of Amensea-Ifite—Amaenyi road awarded by the State Government, some days ago.

The honourable member representing Orumba South, Mr. Emmanuel Nwafor who is the chairman of the committee expressed satisfaction with the level of progress already achieved by the construction limited.

‘I commend your dedication to work while urging you to continue in that light. Drainages are ongoing with the right specification and good equipments.

We have seen the reinforce concrete and is above normal.”

The project manager, Mr. M. Swali laid more emphasis on the progress of the work.

”We are at the drainage stage, also removing bad materials and putting stone base. The duration of the project is eighteen months’, He said.

The committee also paid a visit to the on-going project at Isiagu linking Ukwu Orji road with a bypass to Nibo.

The chairman of the committee, Mr Emmanuel Nwafor said, “though work is on going on the road but it is slow.

“We don’t want anything that will derail Mr. Governor’s intention to deliver the road at the appropriate time so I urge you to work faster to meet up with the agreed time”

“We have checked the size of the road, the width of the drainage though it is an existing drainage; we have marked some areas that needs to be removed to avoid structural collapse”.

The project manager, Mr. Olumide Temilaye explained that the weather condition has been a huge set back to the progress of the work.

“We don’t want a future collapse of the road so we waited for the rain to stop. We have five dry months and we promise the road will be ready within the period.”

Other members of the committee present are; Mr. Ejike Okechukwu (Anaocha 2), Mr. Patrick Uoba (Anambra West) and Mr. Golden Chukwuebuka Iloh (Ihiala 2).

*Chizoba writes for the Ministry of Information, Anambra State*

Anambra Police Smashes Armed Robbery Gang, Recovers Two AK-47 Rifles

Men of Rapid Response Squad, Awkuzu of Anambra State Police Command on Monday 16th October, 2023 foiled a planned robbery operation along Ebenebe-Achalla Road in Awka North LGA of the State.

The Operatives while on Anti Kidnapping Patrol were tipped off by a public spirited citizen who saw two gun men being conveyed on a motorcycle along the road.

The Operatives went in pursuit of the gang and encountered them where they had  positioned to rob mororists. On sighting the approaching Operatives they  tried to engage them in a shootout but  the battle-ready  Operatives quickly overwhelmed them forcing them to abandon their weapons and fled into the bushy environ.

Operatives combed the Bush and recovered two AK-47 Rifles loaded with several rounds of 7.62mm ammunition and shells of expended rounds.

The Commissioner of Police CP Aderemi Adeoye who commended the team for its gallantry has asked them to step up proactive operations in that part of the State until all criminal elements tormenting citizens in that part of the State are completely flushed out.

*DSP Tochukwu Ikenga*

Police Public Relations Officer,

Anambra State Police Command,


17th October, 2023.

Smartphone: Its Implications on Students’ Performance

By Chizoba Njaka :

With increase in the use of smartphones, most students are becoming too lazy and inactive to their studies. They usually or continually glue to phones, scrolling through social media and playing away their hours which could have been used for something useful. Indeed this device is designed to make life easy and save energy at any point in time but reverse is the case.

The most worrisome thing today is that what was introduced to serve as easy means of communication through phone calls, messaging, emailing or more or less seen as mini-computers, cameras, and organizers have now become threat and harmful to the lives and health of both young and adults in the society as well as the wellbeing and mindset of Nigerian youths.

Students and pupils are not exceptional in this habit because all they think most often is how to get or have access to Android phone for one reason or the other which affect them socially, economically, psychologically, mentally and academically due to its continous technological advancements and daily welcoming initiatives.

Mobile phones are one of the most commonly used gadgets in today’s world because it indeed makes lives easy and convenient. When it comes to interaction among peers, teens like to admire and approve, comment, and criticize. They are not always communicating one on one but instead are constantly checking for responses and likes to their posts and others.

Funnily, whether physically present, or absent in a particular setting, the software companies continue to find ways to draw people into their perfect target audience.

Honestly, children are most vulnerable to smartphones and other technological gadgets. Right from childhood, they are introduced to smartphones through which they listen to music, watch cartoons of different kinds, play games, chat with friends, and watch films.

Meanwhile, teenagers tend to be naturally more sociable, they are at an age of questioning life and the things that happen around them. Interacting with new people is a part of this process. The evolution of technology created new possibility for socializing and allows for this generation to do exactly this, but online.

Young ones communicate through an array of social websites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, among others that allow for these connections to be built even if individuals are thousands of miles away. When these apps are used and they met with positive interactions, positive messages from friends, and believe quality relationships are blossoming, dopamine is released.

They also get distracted by the device while studying due to the constant pings of notifications that demand instant attention. They get introduced to the virtual world via smartphones and get immersed in it. In fact, people’s lives revolve around it more than anything because of its usefulness in communication via voice, messages, and mails as well as surf the internet using phone.

Meanwhile, there are lots of inappropriate content on the internet. Students, who are too young to differentiate between fact and fiction, find these mesmerizing and risk getting misled. The pull of the virtual world is so strong, it increases social disturbance and moral downfall.

Consequently, young ones, especially students have found to spend much hours a day on their mobile phones, compared to adults who usually have a busy day. Students activities on mobile phone is so much more than talking and texting. For them, it opens a gateway to an escape from reality, which includes games, films, apps, and the biggest time consumer of them all is the social media.

While this gadget transforms the societies and economies for the better, little do one know that it could be harmful to people and the society at large. The excessive use of it brings distraction and takes young ones away from concentrating on whatever they are doing.

Call or chatting can come in at any time. Society generally expects you to have your phone switched on, charged up, and within reach at anytime. Many callers or text senders can become frustrated or annoyed if they do not get an immediate response.

However, Nigeria youths do not even believe that one must struggle to survive either by education, learning trade, self acquired skills, but rather depend or leverage on others hard earned effort to succeed. They believe they can get away from everything using mobile phone.

Making series of contacts through smartphone is now trending among the youths, misleading advice or instructions given to them either from unknown fellows making them to take some dramatic actions and decisions which can endanger their future.

In other words, through the use of excessive mobile phone, they involve themselves in fraudulent activities like yahoo yahoo businesses, secret cult without knowing, cheating, blackmailing, frauds or hacking banks and individuals account, pornography among others.

Interestingly, days are gone when one will say parents provide smartphone to their wards. This days, most of these youths particularly the female folks acquire theirs through their boyfriends or prostitution, robbery as well as birthday gift thereby giving them the opportunity to access the device at wider range.

Interestingly, not only do parents provide their wards with smartphone but teachers whose duties are to teach and impart knowledge on these children are not helping. They are indirectly encouraging, and promoting the students using smartphone by asking them to browse on a particular topic and make notes on their own.

Most often, the teacher will threaten the students that such assignment will be scored and recorded if well done. Imagine a child of 10 -11 years in junior class doing homework with mobile phone or browsing to build his or her notes. Such is an avenue for the child to delve into something else because no one is there to guide or know what he or she is doing. For those who do not have smartphone will go extra miles to have theirs in order to please their teacher whose work is to make notes for the students to copy.

Apart from the aforementioned effects of excessive mobile phone usage, research showed that constant staring at mobile phones affects eyesight and eye health. Eyes tend to get dry, and the vision blurry. The eyesight gets affected, too, and kids have difficulty in reading.

Using phones day and night ruins eye health and the repercussions last a lifetime. This is one of the worst negative effects of mobile phones.

The virtual world they view on their mobile phones is highly distracting. Students find it fascinating and spend hours lost in it. It is not only misleading but confusing, too. It also distracts them from their studies and sports as kids wish to spend more time with their phones than their books. They tend to lose focus and their academic performance suffers badly.

Not just that there is good evidence that mobile phones contribute to sleep deprivation, especially when people use them late at night or in bed. Teenagers, in particular, need good sleep to help their developing brains, but often suffer worst from mobile phone related sleep problems.They will be having difficulty sleeping despite feeling tired after exhausting much time on mobile phone.

Pivot Conference: Experts Call For Partnership, Collaboration as Key to Optimal Productivity in S’East

By Uche Kalu :

Technology has a big role to play in our social life, business, economy as well as security. The maiden edition of The Pivot Conference which was held in Awka has ended with a call for students, businessmen, stakeholders as well as investors to leverage on technology and explore many opportunities that abound in Southeast, Nigeria.

The event, which was held at Academic Staff Union of University (ASUU), Secretariat, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka with the theme: “From Challenges to Opportunities: Unveiling the Potentials in South-East Nigeria through Social Innovation, featured experts from different fields, students, government officials, journalists, others.

Speaking at the conference, the Special Adviser to the Anambra State Governor, Prof Chukwuma Soludo on Security Matters, Air Vice Marshal (AVM) Ben Chiobi advised youths to resist the ‘japa syndrome’ and explore opportunities in the country.

AVM Chiobi who noted that there are many opportunities of making money in Nigeria, particularly in the Southeast more than what is obtained in Western countries, advised youths to avail themselves of opportunities for mentoring, emphasising that the only way to succeed in the ICT generation was to be creative and not be a copycat.

Speaking on the topic,”Fostering Youth-led Impact Entrepreneurship As A Catalyst For Growth,” the Regional Coordinator, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), Chito Onuzulike said SMEs are crucial components of the economy.

Mrs Chito who is an Engr, emphasized that mindset, action, and process are the three ingredients of entrepreneurship that are crucial to doing business in the country, noting that by collaborating with partners, businesses can leverage shared resources, infrastructure, and capabilities, leading to optimized processes and increased productivity in the land.

The Managing Director of Anambra State Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Agency, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata explained that many opportunities abound in the ICT sector.

Mr Agbata , a technology expert noted that without innovative spirit, teamwork, and partnership, one may find it hard to succeed in the business.

Also speaking, the Chief Executive Officer, Sealcore Global Ltd, Precious Obimdi, explained that the system in Nigeria is designed to strangle younger entrepreneurs and stop them from thriving in their businesses, stressing that partnerships with governments, agencies, and bigger establishments are ways of staying afloat and making impacts on human lives.

Mr. Obimdi who spoke on “Impact Driven Entrepreneurship: Turning Local Solutions into Globally Scalable Businesses,” shared insights on how to harness the power of innovation and passion to create businesses that not only thrive locally but have the potential to make a global impact.

He further said that doing business in the southeast is challenging due to insecurity and other challenges but maintained that one can explore, discover what is not working, and turn same into a thriving global venture.

A Banking expert, Tochukwu Nwokediuko, noted that in Nigeria, over 65 per cent of businesses do not survive the first three years after set up due to poor access to funding and credit facilities, lack of planning and poor financial literacy on the part of some business owners in the country.

Mr Nwokediuko emphasized the powers of partnership and collaboration, noting that the ability to understand and factor in them will define successful businesses in times to come.

The Regional Pastor of Dominion City, Awka, Jude Obiekwe said the challenges are money in the making. “For every problem in the southeast, there is a direct opposite opportunity. The more the problem, the more the opportunity to create wealth; the easier the lesser. Adversity is the cultivator of innovation. You cannot be a champion except you fight battles,” he explained.

Earlier, the Executive Director of the Pivot, Barr. Ifedi Eze, expressed dismay that the past half-decade has been a period bedeviled with socio-economic problems that have impacted negatively on the economic indices of the Eastern region.

He,therefore, urged the citizenry to leverage technology and reap the inexhaustible opportunities it holds and how tech can help solve most of the problems in the society today. (Ministry of Information)

The officer reports from UNIZIK, Awka

Awka, Anambra State Capital Set to Witness Launch of a Pilot Waste Management System

By Benjamin Ogbuagu :

Awka the Anambra State capital will soon witness the launch of a Pilot system for effective management of municipal wastes that will be the first of its kind in the South East region of Nigeria.

Boskel Nigeria Limited, the consultants and initiators of this pilot scheme, is expected to carry out a demonstration on the operations of this scheme to waste management stakeholders in Anambra State.

A letter from the company reads in part, “Following our presentation to your Board and discussions thereafter, we hereby notify you of our plans to conduct a demonstration of the pilot systems for effective management of municipal wastes to your Board and Government”

A press statement signed by  the Managing Director of Anambra State Waste Management Authority (ASWAMA) Mr Mike Ozoemena  invites members of ASWAMA Board and all stakeholders on Environment to this event scheduled to hold on Tuesday, 5th September 2023 at the New Dumpsite, Agu Awka  Industrial Area, Amaenyi-Awka by 12 noon.

The statement further invites all Transition Committee Chairmen, Waste Management Contractors, all related Agencies, and indeed the general public to this epoch making event. (MOI)

Information Officer reporting from Awka

Anambra Assembly Calls on Soludo to Carry Out Palliative Works on Umueze Anam-Oroma Road

By Anastasia Agunwa/Chizoba Okeke/Gloria Abugu:

The Anambra State House of Assembly has called on Gov. Charles Soludo to direct the Works Commissioner to immediately carry out palliative works on the Umueze Anam-Oroma road to reduce the sufferings of Ndi Anambra West.

The resolution followed a motion moved under ‘Matters of Urgent Public Importance’ by Mr. Patrick Udoba representing Anambra West State Constituency and seconded by Mr. Ejike Okechukwu representing Anaocha II State Constituency during plenary on Nov. 8.

The Speaker, Mr. Uche Okafor, who presided over the plenary, noted that Gov. Charles Soludo had flagged off the construction of many dilapidated roads in Anambra State, expressing optimism that Anambra West, especially Umueze Anam-Oroma Road, is among the roads.

The Speaker put it to a voice vote, and the lawmakers unanimously adopted the motion through voice votes.

Dwelling on the motion, Mr. Udoba said that the devastating effect of the recent flooding in Anambra West Local Government Area has cut off Umueze Anam-Oromaetiti road after it was submerged by the recent flooding in Nigeria.

According to him, the flooding has caused serious losses in lives, properties, and government infrastructure and has displaced many of Ndi Anambra West, who are predominantly farmers.

“Though the water level has gone down, it has devastated my people and the environment. Among numerous damages, the flood has cut off the Umueze Anam-Oroma road, which is the only access road to more than 10 communities in Anambra West.

“The bad condition of the road will worsen the already bleeding economic and social activities of the area occasioned by the economic hardship and the flooding,” he stressed.

The lawmakers that spoke in favour of the motion, including the Deputy Speaker, Mr. Pascal Agbodike, expressed the need for the road to be urgently constructed as the area is one of the food baskets of the state.

Also at plenary, Gov. Charles Soludo, in a letter sent to the House through the Speaker, informed the State legislature of his intention to present the 2023 Proposed Budget Estimates on Nov. 10.

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