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By Chidimma Okoye :

The wife of the Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Mrs. Nonye Soludo, has charged women to be role models to their children through their character at all times.

This she said during the women’s day celebration at Ojoto, the Idemili South local government Secretariat.

She said that women have a lot of work to do in their homes to ensure a better society as charity begins at home.

Mrs. Soludo said that the number one responsibility of a woman is to make her home peaceful and a haven for her, her family and the society to thrive.

She enjoined women to take out quality time to raise and nuture their children so that they do not end up in drugs and be problems to their neighbourhood and the society at large.

“Look down carefully to see if there are early warning signs that your child may be into drugs, check their rooms, bags, association, behaviours and intervene before things get out of hand,” she said.

Mrs Soludo called on women to endeavor to get basic education amid their multi task as it is a need for everything they will do in life and a preparation toward tomorrow.

The Anambra first lady also encouraged women to also take care of themselves while taking care of others.

She enjoined women to always support fellow women at all levels especially the ones holding public positions with the government so that they will be encouraged and do better at their respective positions.

Mrs. Soludo urged husbands to always love and appreciate their wives in all their endeavors so that they will do more.

“His Excellency, Gov. Chukwuma Soludo does not play with issues concerning women because they are trustworthy and committed at any given responsibility which is his reason for entrusting key positions in the state into the hands of women.

“Continue supporting Soludo’s administration as he marked two years in office to move Anambra to greater heights,” She said.

The Transitional Chairman of Idemmili South, Mrs Amaka Obi said that Mrs. Soludo has so much recognised women at the grassroots.

She said that Idemmili South Local Government has greatly felt the impact of the government undeniably, ranging from road construction to youth empowerment through 1youth 2skills, free ante-natal care and free delivery, as well as free education.

The Anambra State coordinator of Reproductive Health, Dr. Uju Okoye said earlier that healthy living with Nonye Soludo is a pet project of the wife of the governor aimed at improving the health of the people through eating alright.

She said that the project encouraged women to cook organic food and use natural ingredients as well in cooking.

Dr. Okoye discouraged women from cooking carsinogenic foods and foods made of gelatin like noodles, tinned food to reduce the high rate of cancer and kidney disease in the society.

She called on women to endeavor to eat fruits, plantain, others harvested in their compounds and sell only the excess produce from the harvest.

“Eat right sweat dirty,”  Dr. Okoye said as she enjoined women to add exercise to their daily activities to keep fit as exercise helps the heart to beat aright.

The Anambra State House member for Anaocha 1, Mrs. Nkechi Ogbuefi described Mrs. Soludo as a woman of substance, worth emulating and an epitome of support for fellow women.

She said that Gov. Soludo is a gender sensitive governor and has shown physical investment in women by appointing women into key positions in Anambra State with over four of the positions going to Idemili South Local Government alone.

Ogbuefi said that Anambra State House members are always on ground to assist the governor to develop Anambra State irrespective of political party differences as a clarion call by the governor.

The Commissioner of Special Duties, Mrs Nkemdiche Ikpeazu said that the governor has taken care of the stomach infastructure of the people by the free education, free ante-natal care and delivery, he has given.

She said that the governor did so to remove the burden off the shoulder of the people so that they can use the supposed money to buy food and invest in their businesses.

Ikpeazu, however, enjoined women to stand up for themselves and do something to make some earnings which will increase by the day so as to support themselves and their families.

She encouraged women to have a farm at least for vegetables to eat and to sell.

The Anambra State All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) woman leader, Esther Onyekesi, urged women to always come out en-masse with their families to cast their votes during election.

She described the Transitional Chairman of Idemmili South as hardworking and industrious, doing exceptionally well in the midst of 20 men.

Onyekesi said, “Idemmili South leads in ideas and development while others emulate”.

She enjoined the women of Idemmili South to spread the news of the good works of the present administration of Anambra State and support the government.

Mr. Don Onyenji, Commissioner for Entertainment, Culture and Tourism said that programmes like this bring women out from their inside villages to  the lime light to learn and to see the beauty of the day.

He said that Mrs. Soludo practices healthy living with organic food and recipe as she teaches which is reflective “I’m her life and the life of the governor as they are always healthy, strong and young”.

Onyenji enjoined women to emulate her and quit using artificial seasonings that is all over the market to cook.

However, he said that his department will start going around to palm wine bars to ensure that they sell natural palm wine and not artificial ones fabricated with saccarine for the health of the public.

Side attractions were various dance steps from women of the communities in Idemmili South

*Chidimma is of the Ministry of Information, Anambra State


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