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Tag: Mission Schools

TCC Anaocha Lauds Soludo over N1.5B Education Grant to Mission Schools in Anambra State

By Ginika Oguji :

The Transition Committee Chairman (TCC) Anaocha LGA, Mr Gerald Ozoh has commended the Governor of Anambra State, Prof Chukwuma Soludo for providing financial support worth about One billion five hundred and twenty four million Naira to Mission Public schools returned to Catholic, Anglican and Pentecostal churches to develop their schools in the state.

Ozoh speaking to journalists after the presentation ceremony at the Governor’s Lodge Amawbia on October 5, described Education as a basic tool for shaping humanity and building better future for children.

He extolled Gov. Chukwuma Soludo’s genuine efforts toward advancing education to an enviable height in the state, describing him as an education friendly governor.

He encouraged Anambra students to always participate in internal and external examinations, saying that they have been equipped to emerge victorious.

Ozoh noting that Anambra is arguably the light of the nation, called on the authorities of the schools to make judicious use of the funds for the development and betterment of their schools.

Accordingly, a total sum of nine hundred and eighteen million naira (N918,000,000) was handed over to Anambra Catholic Mission Public Schools which has 459 schools that were returned to them.

A total sum of five hundred and fifty million naira (N550,000,000) was handed over to Anambra Anglican Mission Public Schools which has 275 schools returned to them.

Furthermore, a total of sixteen million (N16,000,000) was handed over to Anambra Salvation Army Schools which has 8 schools returned to them.

Also, a total of forty million (N40,000,000) was handed over to Pentecostals which has 20 schools in the State. (Ministry of Information)

The information officer reports from Anaocha LGA


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