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Trade, Commerce, Industry, and Revenue Information Documents

Welcome to Anambra State’s comprehensive resource for laws, regulations, and fees related to trade, commerce, industry, and revenue. Here, you will find a collection of essential documents available for online viewing and download, providing valuable insights into various aspects of business operations in Anambra State.

  1. Anambra State Revenue Administration Laws
    View Document
    Explore the latest Anambra State Revenue Administration laws, designed to govern and streamline revenue generation processes. Stay informed about changes and updates in revenue administration.
  2. Anambra State Revenue Collection Task Force Law
    Delve into the Anambra State Revenue Collection Task Force Law, which outlines the framework for efficient revenue collection. Stay updated on the regulations guiding revenue collection. View Document
  3. Application Process & Guidelines for Loading and Offloading
    Get acquainted with the application process and guidelines for loading and offloading in Anambra State. Stay compliant with the procedures and requirements for these activities. View Document
  4. Ministry of Commerce Fees for Loading, Offloading and Haulage
    Discover the Ministry of Commerce’s fees for loading, offloading, and haulage services. Stay informed about the latest fee structures to effectively manage your trade activities. View Document
  5. Ministry of Commerce Revised Haulage Fees
    Stay up-to-date with the Ministry of Commerce’s revised haulage fees. Understand the cost structures and fees associated with haulage services in Anambra State. View Document
  6. Schedule of Trade Related Fees and Levies on Inter-State Movement of Goods
    Access the schedule of trade-related fees and levies for inter-state movement of goods. Stay informed about the charges and levies affecting your trade operations. View Document

These documents are a valuable resource for businesses and individuals seeking to navigate the regulatory landscape of trade, commerce, industry, and revenue in Anambra State. Stay informed, compliant, and well-prepared for your business endeavors.


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