Church organisations enjoined to be entrepreneurial
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query_builder September 13, 2020 16:29:55

By David Okpala/Stella Okpala   :

Umuchu (Aguata LGA), Sept. 13, 2020 (MOI) Rev. Samuel Ezeofor, Bishop of Aguata Diocese, Anglican Communion, has enjoined Churches, Archdeaconries and organisations in the Diocese to be entrepreneurial in order stop too many levies on adherents of the faith.

Rev. Ezeofor made the call while admonishing Christians at the Aguata Diocesan, Men’s Fellowship Conference at St. Thomas Anglican Church, Umuchu on Sept.12.

The bishop commended the Diocesan Men’s Fellowship for acquiring land at Ufuma for a proposed establishment of Block Industry.

He said: ``the Block Industry is not only going to boost the economic base for fellowship of the Diocese but reduce unemployment among youths.

``Let other organisations follow suit, so that if we come to Church, we worship God without talking about money.

``The Church is not making money from any other sources other than through levies and offerings.

``This is the reason why we waste the time that we can use to worship God to be raising funds to run the Church,’’ he observed.

The bishop, then, admonished fathers to stop their children from perpetrating evil, citing the examples of Eli and Samuel in the book of Ist Samuel.

The Bishop noted that Eli and Samuel were priests ordained by God; while they did well as priests, they heard the voice of God and told the people what God said, yet their children were disappointments to God.

``God not only allowed Eli to die, but took away priesthood from his lineage.

``In the case of Samuel, the Israelites gave good testimony about him but rejected his children and asked Samuel to give them Kings. What a tragedy!

``What meaning will it make to any man, after leaving as a prominent man, famous, but your children will not be anything to write home about?

``We need to rise to the challenge of making our children, worth being our sons and daughters,’’ he averred.

The conference featured Communion service, Bible study, launch of the Constitution of Men’s Fellowship of the Diocese; praises by the Gospel Band of St. Thomas Church, Umuchu. (MOI)