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By John Ndu

Adazi Ani (Anaocha LGA), Nov. 8, 2018 (MOI) Community-based medical outfit, Arise Clinic is to partner Anambra State Government in management and treatment of stroke-related ailments.

The health partnership will be implemented in conjunction with Anambra state Association in the U.K., (ASA U.K.) and U.S., (ASA U.S.), geared toward creating awareness on stroke management.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arise Clinic located at Adazi Ani, Anaocha Local Government Area (LGA), Dr Emeka Okeke, explained that the partnership would include inviting medical experts in various areas of specialisation.

``The medical experts will come across the world to ensure effective medical response to common ailments in the area,’’ he said.

Dr Okeke, an expert in stroke management, revealed that Arise Clinic had launched stroke awareness campaigns across the 21 LGAs of Anambra.

He added it was regrettable that rising cases of stroke in the state was alarming proportion but was assuring that the partnership would help to reduce to the barest minimum, the cost of treatment of the ailment in the country.

He explained that the stroke awareness campaigns would target not less than a 100 people through Town Hall Meetings, Churches and markets too.

``We will educate them about stroke and the myth surrounding the spiritual aspect of it and how to control the risk factors.

 ``In creating awareness, we educate the public on stroke, because people here believe that it is a spiritual attack.

``We will always address that for people to get the right solution at the right time,’’ Dr Okeke stressed.

``This will go a long way in helping our people to understand the fact that there is more medical solution to stroke than respiratory.

``When it occurs, what comes to mind is what traditional solution do I seek or a qualified hospital do I take my patient to. So education is going to be the key in what we are doing with the people.’’

The Medical Practitioner, then, added that they were reaching out to the people to create awareness on steps to be taken to prevent and reduce frequency of occurrence.

``What we are doing is to use education to sensitise people at community level and also teach them about medications that can control the risk factors associated with stroke.

``Our focus will be on people with diabetes, hypertension, people who smoke cigarettes and people that are overweight.

``If we are able to reach out to the people in the community, we are reducing the number of people that can come down with primary stroke.

``Our goal is to save costs and as well achieve desired results of reducing stroke in the state,’’ Dr Okeke vowed. (MOI)