15 Apr: Anambra Must Be Rid of Criminal Elements Desolating Our Homeland

“Anambra will take back their land. Majority of the people committing these henious crimes are not from Anambra State. This is not who we are. That is not us. Peace and stability must return in Anambra. Peace and stability must return in the Southeast. My message to them is choose the olive branch offered to you. Surrender your guns, we will help you gain a useful life. Anyone in the Bush with a gun is a criminal. And will be treated as such. There will be no hiding place. The people’s power will triumph”

21 Dec: Anambra State Govt To Commence Mass COVID -19 Vaccination

Explaining the details of the mass vaccination, Dr Okpala said that the number of vaccination sites has been increased to include not just primary, secondary and tertiary hospitals but also private facilities and mass vaccination sites in schools, shopping malls, motor parks, and many other places so as to provide Ndi Anambra easier access to vaccine in such a way that wherever you are in the State, there will be a vaccination site close to you.