By Chris Chikelue  :

Nibo (Awka South LGA), Feb. 16, 2021 (MOI) Love is not just a strong feeling of deep affection for somebody, but an emotional display of strong desire to live for someone; love is discipline and self control just as stipulated by God.

A Resident Pastor, Living Faith Church, Nibo, Awka South Local Government Area (LGA), Pastor Amos Oladimeji Aina said this at a forum to mark St. Valentine’s Day in the Church auditorium on Sunday.

He said a man or a woman professing love to their spouses must do so bearing in mind that Jesus Christ loved and accepted to die for us.

On whether The Church marriage was greater than traditional or customary marriage Pastor Aina said, “traditional marriage is good but Church marriage is better.

“Marriage is a scriptural relationship that will put a man and a woman who are from different backgrounds together to live in accordance with the stipulations of God.

“A greater blessing comes from the Alter, especially where you go to receive your spiritual food from God the creator of all things and humans.

“Church marriage puts a seal to all the blessings from your parents during the traditional marriage.’’

On the issue of child-adoption the pastor said that couples could pick and take care of children that are not theirs and bring them up as if they were theirs.

“Child-adoption is another way of showing love to humanity, especially to children that somehow have been rejected by the society; no human young or old should be allowed to suffer.

“If you can help in anyway please help and be blessed immensely by God.’’

Wife of the Pastor, Mrs Funmilayo Aina urged wives to always take whatever difficulties they face in their marriages to God in prayers.

“The woman can pray to God or seek spiritual advice from places of worship because God always gives a listening ear to the broken-hearted.’’

She also admonished women not to see themselves as “the Commander-In-Chief’’ of the home in a situation where they are the breadwinners of the family but to pray for their husbands to find something doing’’.

A guest at the forum, Mr Uche Onyilofor enjoined the youths not to get married because of what they see or based on assumptions but to take their desires in a man or a woman to God in prayers.

“You are not alone in your quest to get married, always consult your parents, guardians or your spiritual parents.

“Things do not always stay as they are; do not forget the saying that all that glitters is not gold.

“Beauty will fade, passions will die and riches may fizzle out. Always ask for God’s guidance so that He will guide you all the way through your preparations and in marriage.’’

Valentine Day is celebrated worldwide on Feb. 14 to commemorate the death of St. Valentine, a Roman Catholic Priest, who was killed on the orders of Emperor Claudius because of his show of selfless love. (MOI)



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