By Nkeiruka Okongwu

Awada (Idemili North LGA), March 12, 2021 (MOI) Wife of Methodist Bishop, Deaconess Comfort Onuagha has appealed to Igbo women to always communicate in the Igbo language with their children.

“This will make them take pride in their mother tongue and also keep the language from going into extinction.’’

Deaconess Onuagha voiced her observation during a local food competition held at the St. Andrews Methodist Cathedral, Awada in preparation for their Ukanne (Mothering Sunday).

She observed that the Igbo language and culture are gradually being lost because of too much `supre supre’ — too much use of the English language in communicating with the children.

A typical Igbo woman, who trains her children in Igbo ways, does not have to talk too much before they would understand her.

“In fact, in most cases, she makes extensive use of signs and body language to communicate with them.”

“If you don’t teach your children your language, you can’t share certain secrets while in foreign lands.’’

She also emphasised that the Igbo people dress in a certain manner. “let’s get back to that aspect of our culture; I mean the way we dress, the kinds of food we eat, and the way we exchange greetings.

“Many Igbos deny their identity, especially when in foreign lands. Why must it be so,’’ Deaconess Onuagha queried.

“See the way our women dress these days; half nude in the name of fashion. Where are our cherished wrappers and blouses that give us our unique identity?”

She also noted that it is when we communicate only in English to our children that we start noticing strange characters from them because they seem not to know where they are coming from.

“Our neighbours, the Yorubas and Hausas, show pride in their languages even when in a foreign land’’.

She then appealed to the women to always speak Igbo to their children for them to be able to identify with their roots. (MOI)



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