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Enugwu Ukwu (Njikoka LGA), Feb. 8, 2021 (MOI) A medical doctor at General Hospital, Enugwu Ukwu, Dr Fredrick Aduba has advised Ndi Anambra to submit themselves to regular medical examination at functional health facilities to avert cancer.

He said this during a one-on-one interaction with a health correspondent in his office at Enugwu Ukwu General Hospital in Njikoka LGA, Anambra State.

The expert described cancer as a kind of proliferation of cells, an alteration in its physiological composition.

“A particular cell can undergo some levels of mutation that are changing from a particular shape to another which is not suitable for that function.

“Cancer can be caused by accumulated damage of genes as a result of exposure to carcinogens or cancer causing substances,’’ Dr Aduba noted

He explained that lung cancer was mostly found predominantly in active smokers, and urged people to quit smoking to avoid the deadly disease.

Dr Aduba noted that there were no known causes of cancer but that some risk factors or lifestyles could trigger it.

He called on women of reproductive age to regularly check their breasts for early detection of lump, which might be cancerous.

“Early detection of cancer cells helps in stopping the spread to other organs of the human body, while excision at this stage can be used to remove it.  

“Some cancer can be managed using chemotherapy, and at that stage, it is still at a place where it can be easily located.  

“When it becomes late, there may be no remedy, no matter the level of care given; it is like giving palliative and prolonging the evil day,’’ the expert explained.

Dr Aduba noted that at this stage the cancerous cells had gone through blood via every part of the body and the end might not be good.

He pleaded with the state government to engage  in mass sensitisation of the rural and urban dwellers through print and electronic media on the need for regular checks on themselves.

This he said would help in proper and early diagnosis of the ailment.

The doctor advocated that the government should provide free screening for cancers in rural areas, for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Aduba stressed that living a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, avoiding alcohol and smoking of any kind would reduce the risk of cancer.

He encouraged women to breastfeed their babies as this helps to reduce the chances of getting cancer. (MOI)

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