By Chukwudi Nwauba  :

Awka, Feb. 17, 2021 (MOI) Anambra State Commissioner for Health has attributed the success of the State on COVID-19 patients recoveries to the introduction of Chain of Survival in treating patients.

Dr Okpala said this when he received State House of Assembly member, Mr Ejike Okechukwu who came to thank him after recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic in his office at the Jerome Udoji, Awka.

“We first of all thank God for saving your life and the lives of other people that have recovered from this disease.

“One thing is for sure, the pandemic came unannounced and it will equally go the same way it came.

“God has granted us wisdom that will enable us to fight both things we see and the one we cannot see.

“Our greatest challenge at the moment is people that disobey all the preventive measures that help in fighting the pandemic but we will not relent in doing our best.’’

He commended the Government for the full support that had helped his ministry in treating patients as well as containing the disease in the state.

The commissioner noted that the majority of people that died from the disease in the state were those ones who disobeyed or either the hospital failed to follow stipulated instructions.

According to him, it is on record that people who followed our instructions on COVID-19 chain of survival treatment survive and they are alive giving testimonies.

Dr Okpala advised healthcare providers to treat patients before waiting for the result; it is not wise to wait for the result while the patient dies and so treat first then test.

He observed that the early treatment administered to Mr Ejike Okechukwu helped him to recover from the disease.

“I thanked God for you because you are a success story for Anambra State COVID-19 Chain of Survival and it has shown that if the chain is strengthened people will keep on surviving.

The commissioner commended his sense of leadership, advocacy while noting that what he has chosen to do will help save more lives in the state.

Mr Ejike Okechukwu, State House member representing Anaocha II constituency, said that it was no longer news that he contracted the disease but thanked God for saving his life through the state’s competent health team.

Mr Okechukwu noted that determination had helped to save lives.

“I have volunteered myself to be an advocate of COVID-19, while on sick bed I wrote my experience, shared it on social media and I am still willing to do more so as to save lives.’’ (MOI)



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