By Ebele Egoh  :

Enugwu Ukwu (Njikoka LGA), Feb. 20, 2021 (MOI) Assistant State Epidemiologist, Dr Johnpeter Obi has enjoined the general public to strictly adhere to COVID-19 protocols in order to survive the second wave of the pandemic.

Dr Obi, a Medical Director-In-Charge of the General Hospital, Aguluzigbo, gave the advice while fielding questions from Health Correspondents in his office at Aguluzigbo.

According to him the state recorded a huge success during the first wave of the pandemic, because of support from the state government and the level of compliance by people.

He applauded the level of compliance to safety protocols installed by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), during the first wave of the pandemic. 

However, Dr Obi decried the attitude of some people toward observing some of the health and safety measures during this period of second wave, stressing that the only solution to halt further spread of the virus was by observing the safety measures.

He attributed a gradual rise in the number of persons now testing positive to the virus in Anambra in this second wave, to failure of people to adhere to the safety measures.

To complement the NCDC’s guidelines for stopping the spread of COVID-19, the state rolled out its cocktail of strategies, known as Anambra State COVID-19 Chain of Survival (ASCOSS).

“ASCOSS is a six-step management strategy that outlines what the citizens, patients and health workers must do at every stage in the management of the virus to ensure greater chances of survival for everyone.

“The commissioner for Health has also rolled out some ideas that will also help to stop the scourge.

“A chain of survival of COVID-19 is one of the measures by the commissioner that will be of help to stop the spread,’’ the health expert explained.

“If we follow the chain of survival strategies, we will all be free from being infected,’’ Dr Obi stressed.

He observed that the state recorded a huge success last year because people observed the measures and many positive cases survived.

Dr Obi urged those still deceiving people that COVID-19 was not real to desist from such actions and do the necessary things to be safe.

“The problem we have now is that people are so relaxed thinking that the virus has come and gone.

“People go out without putting on their face masks; even in the open markets, people no longer keep water for washing hands, no face masks.

“Social and physical distancing are no more observed and people are no more safe,’’ lamented Obi.

The epidemiologist applauded the state for being the first to train market leaders on COVID-19 protocols and that helped the state during the first wave.

He enjoined people to go to hospitals in time when they feel unwell, because early detection would yield prompt healing.

Obi observed that many indulge in self medication thereby causing more harm to themselves.

“Visit designated private and public hospitals, where samples are collected, tested and as well positive cases treated; assuring that early detection, presentation to the hospitals, early diagnosis and treatment increases rate of survival.’’

“The state currently has a lot of hospitals, where testing can be carried out, and doctors and other health workers have received requisite training on this.

“Some of our hospitals are treating their patients; we are no more treating all the patients at the Isolation Centres.

“There is the option of treating those people that have tested positive at their homes, this has made Anambra the first to start home-based care,’’ Dr Obi said. (MOI)



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