By Uzo Ugwunze 

Oba (Idemili South LGA) Jan. 6, 2021 (MOI) The Regent of Oba community. Idemili South Local Government Area, Prince Noel Ezenwa has the directed newly elected President-General, Rev. Chris Emelie to kick-start the process of choosing the next Traditional Ruler, Eze Okpoko II of Oba. 

The community also held a successful multimillion naira fundraising to execute the construction of an ultramodern central permanent Palace Site for the traditional ruler of the community at Nkwo Oba. 

The formal pronouncement was made at the Annual General Assembly of the Oba Patriotic Union (OPU), held at the Oba Civic Centre, Nkwo. 

The event witnessed a mass return of Oba people from The Diaspora. 

The Regent thanked Ndi people for their patience since the demise of Late Igwe Peter C Ezenwa and his wife Mmiliaku and the sudden death of the former PG, Late Col. Goddy Onyejegbu. 

Addressing the Assembly, Prince Ezenwa said: “In the past two and half years, I have been standing in as the Regent, I thank Oba people for their support and followership. 

“After granting my father the late Igwe a befitting burial, the death of Mmiliaku, my mother and the untimely death of our erstwhile PG, whose burial was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We are ready to take a quantum leap to move Oba to the next level. We started by electing a new PG, Rev. Emelie, who is well fortified by his education and experiences. 

“The Ndi Ichies and Chiefs of Oba and OPU have given me the green light to pursue the project of having a permanent palace site for Oba, which is being launched today. 

“At this juncture, I hereby direct the PG to kick-start the process of choosing the Eze Okpoko II. Let him announce the guidelines and schedule of the processes,’’ said the Regent. 

Moreover, the PG, Rev. Emelie proceeded to read out the schedule, guidelines and processes drafted according to section 4 of the Constitution of Igwe Eze Okpoko selection/election 1999. 

An electoral committee was set up and several interested candidates from the other eight villages of Oba except Umuogali that produced Eze Okpoko I were allowed to pick forms and begin their campaigns. 

“Oba people should thank God for his presence. Let us love one another. As we commit our palace project and election of our new Igwe to God, we depend on God to get it right. 

“I received a wide support; lots of projects will be accomplished. We shall have one Igwe, who will be the people’s choice. He will be installed before the end of this year,’’ noted Emelie. 

Meanwhile, Mr Sam Odinamadu, Ikeora Oba urged Oba people to employ wisdom and peace in electing a new traditional ruler, so as to be an example for others to emulate. 

“Oba sons made us proud today. They turned out en masse to donate toward the palace project. It shows togetherness. Odimma Oba – progress of Oba is what everyone is looking for,’’ said Odinamadu. 

Also, Mr Emeka Anyaenetu, a former Speaker, Anambra State House of Assembly and Secretary Committee, Oba 1991 Constitution said he was confident that Oba people would make the right choice of an Igwe. 

According to the Oba 1991 Constitution, it is provided that Igweship will be rotational. The two other amendments adopted it too. 

“The vision of the permanent palace site which is being launched today was initiated by Mr Okwudiba Anyaorah, Ijele Oba over a decade ago when the former Igwe was still alive. 

“Anyaorah said that having a central palace would enable people to express themselves without undue restrictions. I thank God that majority of Ndi Ichies, chiefs and stakeholders adopted it and today it is becoming a reality,’’ said Anyaenetu. 

A special recognition was accorded the ‘Odimma Oba group’ that donated huge sums of money to purchase food stuff that was distributed to alleviate hunger during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.  The PG also presented a visionary address containing a blueprint saying that security, education, youth empowerment, establishing database and effective management of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), healthcare, creation of professional bodies, environmental impact assessment, control and development would be considered. (MOI)

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