By Regina Igwebuike

Amawbia (Awka South LGA), Jan. 5, 2020 (MOI) More reactions have continued to trail the coronation of Ozo Chinyelu Nwora-Molokwu as the Okpaligwe Amawbia community.

Most of those who reacted to the enthronement of Ozo Nwora-Molokwu affirmed that a right man has been chosen for the top post.

“They also affirmed that his selection fit the bill. It is round peg in a round whole,’’ declared one of the king makers.

Ozo Eddy Nwokoye, who contested the Igweship election, also said that the emergence of Igwe Nwora-Molokwu was a testimony to a long standing injustice in denial.

Ozo Nwokoye emphasised that the coast was now clear for Nwora-Molokwu as Okpaligwe to move the culture and traditions of Amawbia forward among the committee of communities in Anambra and World at large.

He explained that current Okpaligwe emerged at the time Ugbogiliga had a strong standing gap on issues of royalty in the state predicated on a prolonged health challenges of his predecessor.

Nwokoye was optimistic that with Okpaligwe’s coronation meant that a new Amawbia had been born, praying God to grant him the enablement to pilot affairs of the community.

Ozo Nwokoye said that Okpaligwe’s emergence was a collective decision of Ndi Amawbia, which was affirmed by the Anambra State Governor, who called on the gods of the land to be with him.

Nze Ifeanyichukwu Okonkwo expressed happiness at the peaceful emergence of Nwora-Molokwu as Okpaligwe.

Nze Nwokoye who also contested the Igweship election prayed to God through Okpaligwe that Amawbia would continue to remain a model excellence, progress and prosperity in Anambra and beyond.

A former Minister for Women Affairs, Iyom Josephine Anenih wished Okpaligwe a long, peaceful and prosperous reign.

Iyom Anenih, Founder Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation (ADF) said the foundation would continue to work with the Igwe to ensure healthy ageing of the elderly in Amawbia.

Okpaligwe’s younger brother, Sir Nche Nwora-Molokwu said that their family was honoured as his brother ascended the throne.

He emphasised that the unified show of solidarity and brotherhood by contestants to the throne, who congratulated Okpaligwe after the election was a sign that unity, peace and progress would mark his reign.

Sir Nwora-Molokwu, who noted that the path to the throne was tough and time-consuming that involved a lot of human and material resources, emphasised that the demands of the throne itself was tough.

“The throne comes with many responsibilities; you will undertake to improve the fortunes of Ndi Amawbia in all spheres of life.’’

He urged Okpaligwe to re-enact the love for Amawbia and the commitment, leadership qualities of their forefathers to launch the community back into its esteemed place among communities in Anambra State.

Sir Nwora-Molokwu while noting that his brother was passionate about Amawbia matters, expressed optimism that he would serve Ndi Amawbia selflessly.

He, then, prayed Okpaligwe with his team would establish an enviable traditional institution that would strengthen Amawbia culture and tradition. (MOI)

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