By Juliana Nwachukwu 

Odakpu (Onitsha South LGA), March 6, 2021 (MOI) Million of Naira has been lost as a result of fire that razed the Amobi Market, a plastics and ceramics market, located in Odakpu Area of Onitsha. 

Chairman of the Market, Mr Felix Isiugo, blamed the inferno of electricity power surge at night. 

An owner of a shop from where the fire started had left after the day’s business without switching off the electricity lights and the fan. 

According to him, when electricity was restored, it came with a surge to ignite the fire.  

The fire razed a storey building and four bungalows with about 60 shops and stores laden with goods worth between N100 to N500 million. 

Mr Isiugo pleaded with the Government and well meaning Nigerians to come to their aid as they did during the time of Ochanja Market fires. 

“Ours is not Ochanja Market, even though we are closeby. Amobi Market has two unions – plastics and household utensil dealers. 

One of the victims, Mr Joseph Ekwebelem lamented that his shops, his wife’s and son’s shops with goods worth N12 millions were burnt down as they did not recover anything. 

Mr Martin Ike, another victim said that he was dumbfounded because up to six of the stores and main shops were affected and that he lost between N40 to N45 million worth of goods. 

“I am pleading on the state Government to help us because a lot of people depend on us for survival.  

“We were asleep when we received the calls; we can’t explain how it started,’’ he pleaded. 

Mr Chukwuemeka Ezemmaduka, one of the victims said that he lost about N15million worth of goods: “the most painful were the widows that were affected’’. 

According to him, the widow has been crying, rolling on the ground, one of them buried her husband last month. 

“I will prefer help comes to those widows than me because I can’t stand their cries.’’ 

The Vice-Chairman of the Market, Mr Toochukwu Adibuo said that about N100 to N150 million worth of goods were affected, pleading with the Government to help them to start afresh.  He thanked the fire service men from the State and from neighbouring Delta State for their efforts, saying that but for them, more damages could have been recorded. (MOI)

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