By John Ndu

Awka, May 11, 2021 (MOI) Chief of Staff to Anambra State Governor, Chief Primus Odili has called on Igbos to sheath their swords and reunite as an indivisible body.

Chief Odili said the situation in the country now offered an opportunity for stakeholders and elders in Igboland to come together and form one entity.

Odili said this while addressing journalists in Awka on the need to maintain a particular political structure that would drive the course of Igbo nation.

He said he maintained a vision of becoming a driving force that would defend the rights of Igbos and attracting the dividends of democracy.

According to him, APGA is not just a political party, it is a Movement. APGA is a vehicle that will get Ndi Igbo to their desired destination in the polity called Nigeria.

“By the end of Gov. Willie Obiano’s second term in March 2022, APGA must have completed eight years in power in Anambra. It is an indication that APGA has been the longest serving political party since the creation of Anambra State in 1991.

“The implication is that, by this eight years in power,  APGA must have attracted lofty developments that will have earned them more votes, to sustain them,’’ Odili said.

During the four years of Gov. Dr Chinwoke Mbadinuju, on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), -1999 to 2003 – the state experienced a year of non-payment of salaries, which led to a year of industrial action (strike) by civil servants.

In that one year, Anambra was shutdown, schools and government offices were closed.

This led to rise in crime rate, kidnapping, daylight robberies and other clandestine activities.

The height of it all was the introduction  of the Bakassi security outfit that murdered both criminals and innocent youths alike.

In a bid to restore sanity, citizens were denied `stomach infrastructure’.

“Interestingly, Daniel came to judgment on the platform of APGA, during the eight years of Mr Peter Obi Government.’’

The Chief of Staff has appealed to Mr Peter Obi to come back to APGA fold.

According to Odili, over the last 16 years, no party has a structure, no party has produced local government chairmen or councillors, no party has done anything vibrant within the state.

“So, what will other parties going to campaign with; APGA has had 16 solid years of delivering the dividends of democracy.

“When you campaign you tell the people what you’ve done and what you will do. APGA as a party can point to numerous things that they have done.

“You see, because APGA is the Movement, whenever you are within APGA, you are consumed by that spirit, you  are consumed by that Movement and it compels you to do the right things.”

When the former governor, Mr Peter Obi was in APGA, he dreamt APGA, slept APGA because he was consumed by the spirit of the Movement.

He made such statements like, other parties are bundle of criminals, “we can never be a part of them. We can never associate with them, I will never do this with them. We can never do that with them.’’

If you mention other parties to him, he will tell you in a clear language that this particular party burnt down our state,  we can never associate with them,  this particular party killed us, we can never associate with them, this is where I must remain and if I leave this, if I quit APGA,  I quit politics and the rest of that.

“We are calling on him to come back because the Igbos want him. Come back so that he will breathe in the life that flows from APGA and begin to work just the way you worked when you were the Governor of Anambra.

“See what Gov. Obiano is doing, standing on the foundation that governor Peter Obi laid. So, I tell you the next governor is going to be an APGA Governor, because of APGA.’’

When Gov. Obiano won his second term, he received congratulatory messages from all the South East Governors. “They called him expressing their happiness that the soul of Igbo man has been saved, which shows they were panicky, thinking it would be the end of the Igbo race.

“But that didn’t happen because APGA is a Movement. If that is not so, why would they be concerned about APGA regaining Anambra? But they were concerned regardless of party affiliation.’’

“Gov. Obiano is focused, regardless of what they say about him and the airport, but he want to do the right thing for Ndi Igbo.’’

“In Europe and the West there are airports that are less than five kilometres away from each other. There are airports that are in close proximity two kilometres, four kilometres, within the same locality.

“In America there are states that have two airports just like you have a Lagos, the Murtala Muhammad Airport which has another local airport close by.  Even at that they still have two terminals MM1 and MM2.

“You cannot quantify in monetary terms the benefits of having an airport in Anambra. You cannot also quantify the need for Anambra airport just for traders; keep in mind that what you have is a International Cargo Airport before we now talk of the passenger.

 “Now Onitsha being the largest market in Sub Saharan Africa; why do you think we don’t need an airport for traders to transport their goods and import goods also?

“Today go to the seaport in Lagos, I can tell you that 60 per cent of the containers there find there ways to Onitsha Main Market, meaning that Anambra people patronise them.

“The same thing takes place at Onne, Port Harcourt; over 40 per cent of cargos there end up in Onitsha. “And people are still questioning the cargo airport that will bring the goods into Anambra state; this is irrespective of the economic value of the airport?  It will first reduce the cost of retail by reducing the cost of clearing.’’ (MOI)

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