By David Okpala/Stella Okpala

Akpo (Aguata LGA) March 8, 2021 (MOI) Vicar St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Akpo, Rev. Fr. Jude Amatu has enjoined Nigerians to keep God’s commandments, so as to achieve harmonious coexistence.

“Even when God is obviously not happy that men are not keeping his commandments, it does not take anything away from his supremacy.

“Keeping God’s commandments are wholly in the interest of men. God is God even when we disobey his commandments,’’ the cleric said this during a homily of Mass on the third Sunday in Lent, at the Church, on Sunday, March 7.

Fr Amatu said: “if we keep God’s commandment of not killing our brothers, we will travel to any part of this country, do our legitimate businesses and return safely.

“We shall interact with other tribes and cultures, learn new ways of doing things and exist happily.

“If we do kill our brothers, we live in fear, suspicion. In return, we make co-existence horrible for ourselves.

“The same applicable to all the commandments. God gave these commandments for us to keep them in obedience to him and enjoy this earth.

“The same thing is applicable to government directives with special regard to COVID-19 preventive protocols.

“Government of the day has emphasised putting on face masks as you go out of your house. It is a law today.

“Keeping the law makes you a better citizen. It prevents you from begging the police that may have apprehended you for not putting on a face mask.

“You will neither offer bribes or be asked to give bribes.

“Government introduced these measures to ensure that we live to tell the stories of COVID-19 pandemic.

“If we do not do it for any reason or because we do not like the governor, it does not prevent him from being governor.

“He is better protected in a better house, car and environs. So, the directive is in our own interest.

“As you put on face masks, remember protocols such as washing of hands with soap under running water regularly, using hand sanitiser where there is no water.

“Distance yourself from another about 2 metres apart. Avoid anticipated crowded gatherings. Avoid avoidable travels,’’ he emphasised. “I assure you, God shall put the storms of this earth to rest, only do what you ought to do.’’ (MOI)

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