By Chukwudi Nwauba

Awka, March 3, 2021 (MOI) Anambra State Government has assured Onitsha Catholic ArchDiocese that it will continue to partner with them in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

“Adopting the State COVID-19 Chain of Survival Strategies will help you to understand the pandemic better and to save lives too.

Commissioner for Health, Dr Vincent Okpala, while emphasising the Chain of survival strategies noted that it had helped in saving lives since it was introduced in the state.

Dr Okpala said this while addressing Onitsha Catholic ArchDiocese Priests at Bishop Shanahan Hall, Onitsha.

State COVID-19 Chain of Survival Strategies entailed, Compliance with the COVID-19 safety protocols, Early recognition of symptoms, Early identification with the system, Early diagnosis and initiation of treatment by healthcare personnel.

Others are, Early initiation of contact tracing, Early notification of results and initiation of treatment.

The commissioner added that early identification with the structures had enabled early treatment and management of the pandemic in the state.

“I didn’t think twice in accepting to honour this invitation by the bishop because this is the type of opportunity we are looking for, where religious people will invite us to educate them on COVID-19. 

“So, it is an interesting interaction with the clergies and they promise to educate their congregation during homilies.

“Most of you here have participated in all our health training, sensitisation and other health related programmes organised by my Ministry.

“This particular training is massive because priests that made up the Diocese are here and we appreciate the organisers of this forum,’’ he said.

The commissioner commended the bishop, Most Rev. Valerian Okeke for his leadership style and for seeking for proper knowledge that would help to protect, save the lives of priests and congregations.

 Most Rev. Okeke applauded the state government’s proactive measures since the index case.

The Bishop assured that the Church would continue to advocate and enforce all the preventive measures established in the state.

He explained that the COVID-19 updates from the commissioner would go a long way in the fight against the pandemic.

“I personally invited the commissioner so that we will help the Government to talk to our people and now we have the right knowledge on COVID-19 will not relent in letting the congregation know what they are supposed to know.   

“I am glad to hear from the commissioner that the recently introduced COVID-19 Chain of Survival Strategies has helped in saving many lives.

“We must thank Gov. Willie Obiano for introducing in the state, the COVID-19 Chain of Survival Strategies, Preventive measures and medications to patients free of charge.

“Commissioner with your team, we are saying thank you, thank you, gratitude, gratitude and not because we lacked words to use in expressing our joy for the sacrifice you, your team made since the index case. “But we will translate our gratitude into praying for you and your team that God will protect all of you from this deadly disease as you go about assisting people that are devastated by pandemic,’’ he prayed. (MOI)

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