By David Okpala/Stella Okpala  :

Akpo (Aguata LGA), Feb. 8, 2021 (MOI) Parish Priest, St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Akpo, Monsignor Bertrand Muojekwu has called on Ndi Anambra to adhere strictly to the COVID-19 preventive protocols or risk another total lockdown.

“Anambra State Government has directed Civil Servants from level 01 — 12 to work from home, only to minimise crowding in the offices, buses, taxis and tricycles.

“If government can do this not minding economic setback it can inflict, closing down markets, funerals, schools and even Churches may be inevitable if we are not careful.’’

Monsignor Muojekwu said this after Mass at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Akpo, on Sunday, February 7.

The cleric added that COVID-19 pandemic has been killing a lot, “I am aware of two Monsignors, my friends that fell to it of late.

“Do everything within your ability to curtail spread of this virus. Be prepared to receive Holy Communion by your hand as you come to Church.

“Willingly put on your face masks. Always have sanitiser in your bag/pocket. Do not forget, it is wholly in your interest and those of your loved ones.’’

Anambra State Commissioner for Health, Dr Vincent Okpala while admonishing the Church said: “government is soaked in sweat fighting COVID-19 pandemic.

“Before 2020 Christmas Celebration, we were recording seven positive cases per week.

“Since January, we have been recording not less than 154 cases per week.

“It shows that our people have given deaf ears to all the appeals we have been making with regard to taking COVID-19 preventive protocols seriously.

“They attend funerals, traditional marriages, Church weddings and other social gatherings without protecting themselves.

“Today, we are suffering. The money that the government could have put into infrastructure development is now poured into COVID-19 treatment, yet we are losing lives on daily bases,’’ he noted.

“Even here in Akpo, some people have fallen to COVID-19 pandemic. I will not mention names because of ethics of medical profession.’’

The health expert emphasised: “willingly put on your face masks as you come out of your house every day, at your work place and markets.

“Anything you are doing for a living, make sure you have water in a running bucket and soap, not just having them but use them as often as possible.

“Avoid handshakes, hugging, kissing. If the place you wish to go is not all that important, stay at home.

“Do not allow anybody to force you to do these things but tell others to do it also,’’ he said.

“It is not to help anybody or government, but help yourself and those you love.

“This is not a time to visit patent medicine stores of any class. If you are sick, go to the hospital, demand for a COVID-19 test.

“If the result says you do not have COVID-19, then your doctor can take it up from there.

“Government is working hard toward getting the vaccines for inoculation. Before we get there, give ear to preventive protocols listed earlier. “Life will in time return to normal. COVID-19 came unannounced; we are fighting to conquer it. Join the fight and tell the stories alive,’’ he stressed. (MOI)

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