By Daniel Obagha

Awka, Jan. 14, 2021 (MOI) Anambra State Internal Revenue Service (AIRS) has prohibited associations, agents and their representatives from collecting sanitation levies in the state.

A statement signed by the Chairman/Chief Executive of AIRS, Dr David Nzekwu, the Service said that the prohibition took effect from January, 2021.

“All sanitation levies in the state must be made directly by the taxpayer into the Anambra State Government account through any of the commercial banks, using relevant sanitation codes on paydirect systems.

“Sanitation levies should only be made against electronically issued demand notice with the taxpayer’s ANSSID number. Nobody should honour any manually issued demand notice,’’ the statement said.

The statement warned that cash payments of sanitation levies into any individual’s account was totally prohibited.

“Any taxpayer that makes payment into unauthorised persons, groups or associations does so at his or her own risk. The state government will not be responsible for any payments, made outside the prescribed process.’’

It advised all taxpayers, households and business owners in the state to take note and follow the correct process in paying their sanitation levies in the bank and avoid wrong persons. (MOI)


“This because it has a negative impact on the economy of the nation; a shift in the resumption date from Jan. 18 to Feb. 1, has been geared toward ensuring safety.

“Gov. Obiano is considering the safety of Ndi Anambra and that is perhaps why he wants all the Anambra people and the school managements to get well prepared for the second wave of these pandemics before receiving the students back to their schools.

Cannon Anieto urged all to protect themselves first as it was those that were alive that would acquire education.

“The shift will help schools to prepare well to take into consideration all the safety measures as stipulated by the World Health Organisation before students will come back to schools, because the pandemic is a serious disease that kills people with ease.’’

A School Teacher, Mrs Nkiru Ilonze, said that she was not happy with the way the pandemic had been spreading; the shift is dragging educational activities backwards, which is not healthy for students .

“The time wasted can never be recovered,’’ she stressed.

Mrs Anuli Ekeokwu, a parent, said that she could appreciate the concerns of the governor, as COVID-19 was real.

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