By David Okpala/Stella Okpala

Akpo (Aguata LGA), March 1, 2021 (MOI) Agbaelu Improvement Union (AIU) has mandated members and residents of Agbaelu Village Akpo to embark on drainage maintenance to save roads within the area.

Information Officers on the End of Month Environmental Sanitation Monitoring Mission met them at work, on the College Road, Agbaelu Village Akpo, on Feb 27.

Vice-Chairman, AIU, Mr. Nerius Obitolo while supervising the work said: “the union is soaked in sweat struggling to fix this road.

“It has not been easy at all. Our mission today is to make sure that drainages on this road are open to ensure the free flow of floodwaters.

“We do not know when the rain will come, yet we are getting ready for it. The village has spent a lot, a lot more is still needed.

“We are carefully protecting the ones we have done. If the flow of water is distorted at any point in this drainage, it may cause a breakdown of this road.

“We are observing Environmental Sanitation Exercise as directed by Anambra State Government. On the other hand, it is routine work aimed at making our road motorable at all times.

“We do it every Saturday. During the rainy season, after every heavy rain, we mobilise our members through the Works Department to fix every damage,’’ he said.

Mr. Obitolo commended Anambra Government efforts at fixing roads, potholes in a terrain that was prone to erosion.

He called on other communities to complement government efforts at making sure that drainages in their areas were functional at all times.

However, Obitolo pleaded with the government to channel effort of road construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance toward rural areas.

He adds: “College Road, Agbaelu Village Akpo are Agrarian communities. It leads to Ikpa, the farmland of Akpo people.

“It is so important to this town and the state in general. The food we eat and the ones we take to the market come through this road.

“We as villagers are doing our best, yet government assistance is needed too.’’(MOI)


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