Obosi community celebrates 130 octogenarians
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By Uzo Ugwunze

Obosi, (Idemili North), March 13, 2018 -- The cream of the society gathered at Obosi recently to celebrate 130 octogenarians of the 'Irugo Age Grade'.

The celebration takes place every three years. This is also a ceremony that has been 400 year old.

The Traditional Ruler of Obosi, Igwe Dubem Iweka (Eze Iweka 111), said the importance of the elderly, which include their wealth of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, quick perception, in their gray hairs’, could not be over emphasised.

He enjoined youths of Obosi to tap from the wealth of knowledge of the octogenarians, not minding their fragile nature.

``Beyond the deceptive looks of wrinkles, gray hair and slow movement, lies rich brains, that can save someone from serious errors,'' Igwe Iweka said.

He advised the youths to desist from 'get rich quick syndrome', and emulate the elders.

Igwe Iweka, announced that all the octogenarians of Irugo Age Grade be exempted from all levies, dues, community services and official assignments, except on their free volition.

He added that male members of the group should be addressed as 'Ogbueshi', and the female counterparts, should be addressed as 'Ogbueshi Nwanyi or Nwanyi n’okwulu eshi'.

He, then, urged the people to always respect them, as the title and the red caps, were their exclusive privileges.

The Igwe thanked Gov. Willie Obiano for facilitating the coming of the World Bank to undertake the control of the gully erosion identified in a certain quarter in Obosi.

Expressing their joy, some celebrators, a Rtd. Col. Emmanuel Nworah Nwaobosi (father of the SA to Governor on IGR), Mr E. Ike Nwaobosi) and Mrs Ngozi Okongwu, thanked God for keeping them alive to participate in the 'Ite Ogbo'.


There were visits to motherless baby’s homes, with gifts from the octogenarians.

There were also quiz and debates for primary and secondary schools in Obosi; free medication to the aged, cultural dances, hand-over longevity staff to 'Igwebuike Age Grade', capping and decoration of the octogenarians.