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By David Okpala/Stella Ifeoma Okpala

Ekwulobia (Aguata LGA), Jan. 2, 2019 (MOI) Christians enjoined to be there brothers’ keepers.

``Let us share whatever we have; we can share in the problems with one another.’’

Rev. Fr. Francis Anozie, Guest Preacher, Abuja Diocese, said this while preaching sermon, on a New Year Mass, at Saint Paul's Catholic Church, Akpo, on Jan. 1.

According to Fr Anozie, life is synonymous with problems, so much that nobody is learning without problems. So sharing it reduces the burden.

He adds: ``many Christians died as a result of hunger in 2018, yet some Christians had more than enough to eat.

``On Dec. 28, I was in the market to purchase fruits and I noticed a woman that came to buy a cup of rice and that was all she could afford.

``Even when I gave her 10 cups, I was not satisfied because I know she needed more.

``Right inside my mind, I know somebody within her neighbourhood has a bag or even bags of rice to spare.

``Some others died as a result of curable illness, yet people fly abroad for purchase special brand of one car or another.

``This style of living does not depict the love of God. Fellow Christians, let us share in one another's problems this year, to attract God's love for protection, providence, prosperity, promotion and harmonious co-existence,’’ Fr. Anozie pleaded.

``I wish you all a happy New Year,’’ he concluded. (MOI)