Ø IMMUNIZATION AND DISEASE CONTROL DEPARTMENT: In charge of Immunization, disease control and treatment activities mainly on children under 5years and pregnant women. The department also oversees the activities of the Health education unit of the agency.

Ø COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICE DEPARTMENT: Oversees all the activities in the Primary Health Care centers in the state.

Ø ESSENTIAL DRUGS UNIT: Is responsible for provision of safe , effective and affordable drugs to individuals and community, providing drug information to prescribers, patients and other members of the health care team. Trains and retrains health care workers on drug dispensing techniques and proper storage conditions. Handle DRFS and documentation of all activities at health facilities and carrying out integrated supportive supervision

Ø ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT: In charge of general administration, human resources and training activities in the agency.

Ø ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT: Oversees all financial activities in the agency.

Ø PLANNING, RESEARCH AND STATISTICS DEPARTMENT: In charge of collection, collation, documentation, monitoring & evaluation, DHIS platform, human resources for health, analysis of statistical data and information to assist management in planning, policy making, organizing and directing the affairs of the Agency.

Ø PUBLIC RELATION UNIT: In charge of disseminating information about the agency’s activities and programmes to the public.

Responsibilities of the Agency:-

  • Ø Study health plans for State Primary Health Care together with National Health Policies and promote and monitor the implementation of the Health Plans and National Health Policies at various levels of the State Health Care Delivery System.
  • Ø Mobilize State, National and International Resources in support of programmes of the Agency for development of Primary Health Care.
  • Ø Ensure effective implementation and supervision of all primary health care activities in the State as well as monitoring for the maintenance of a minimum acceptable standard.
  • Ø Ensure effective community involvement and participation in all primary health care activities from inception to implementation stages.
  • Ø Strengthen referrals and linkages with other branches of the health sector especially in the areas of maternal and child health and reproductive health care and other ailments with a view to significantly reducing morbidity and mortality rates.
  • Ø Develop sound database for effective planning implementation and supervision of all primary health care activities in the State.
  • Ø Develop effective programme for training and restraining of all primary health care providers in the State.
  • Ø Encourage effective collaboration with other sectors at all levels in the development and support of primary health care systems to avoid duplication of efforts and waste of resources.
  • Ø Ensure the implementation of all relevant primary health care policies with regards to facilities, equipment and staff under its care.
  • Ø Ensure that all relevant primary health care policies of Nation Primary Healthcare Development Agency( NPHCDA) as stipulated in its guidelines are implemented in the State and Local Governments.
  • Ø Promote mult-sectoral and multi- disciplinary collaboration and encourage networking among the various stakeholder and
  • Ø Do anything which, in the opinion of the governing board, is designed to facilitate the carrying out of activities of the Agency.