Achievements of the Bureau in 2014
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1Routine collection of Administrative data from MDAs for 2013 Statistical Year BookThe data has been collected and published.
2Capacity Building of the Bureau Personnel:Training on Devinfo 6.0 (database management software)Statisticians in the Bureau were equipped with the skill to operate Devinfo 6.0 (database management software)
3Dissemination of 2012 Statistical Year Book and other publications;

(a)    Comparative Analysis of School Enrolment 2006 – 2010.

(b)   Analysis of Civil Service  Manpower Statistics 2006-2010

(c)    HIV/AIDS Data Analysis 2006-2011

(d)   Poverty Eradication Intervention Programme through Co-operative Societies.

Provision of data for evidence –based planning and decision making process
4Survey on State Gross Domestic Product for 2012 and 2013


The Bureau was able to  estimate the State Gross Domestic Product (SGDP)