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Community Leader Seeks Public Holiday for Late Biafran Leader, calls for massive industrialization of South East.

03.Community Leader Seeks Public Holiday for Late Biafran Leader, calls for massive industrialization of South East

The Traditional- Prime- Minister [onowu] of Awkuzu,Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State,Chief Ozua Okoye has called on South East governors to set aside a date annually for a regional public holiday in memory of the late Biafran leader and Ikemba Nnewi,Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu who sacrificed his life and family wealth to liberate the people of the South East.

Chief Okoye  popularly known as Onowu Igbonine also urged the five South East governors to chat a new course on how to  attract massive investment and industrialization of the zone.

The octogenarian who spoke to our reporter in his office at Nkpor near Onitsha  while answering questions on the fifth anniversary of the death of the late illustrious  son of Igbo land said that declaring a public holiday in honour of the late Igbo leader would send a strong message to all Nigerians that Igbos remain united despite their political differences.

He assured the governors that it would also be used as a forum to bring Igbos together for the development of the region.

While lamenting on the high rate of unemployment and decay of  infrastructure in the zone, the  community  leader,however, emphasized the need  for a stakeholders’ summit involving  all the South East governors despite their political inclinations and credible industrialists of Igbo extraction to find the best way of ending unstable power supply in the zone.

He maintained that constant power supply remains the engine room for industrialization  and wondered why privatization of the power sector has not yielded any positive result about three years after its implementation.

The cultural enthusiast, however, advised the governors not to wait for the Federal Government for the development of the zone and provision of constant  power supply, stressing that the aim for which the power sector was privatized has been defeated.

He declared that the motivating factor of privatization in Nigeria is propelled by selfishness and greed and not to advance the vehicle of development as obtained in other climes such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and some Asian Tigers who did not depend on the Central Government to develop their areas, but were moved by sheer patriotism to enhance the living standard of their people.

The community leader, however, called on the South East governors not to politicize any economic summit that would be championed by the region, warning that those acclaimed industrialists who have failed the test in the power sector and other enterprises should be shunned.

Gloria  Anaeze