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By David Okpala/ Stella Ifeoma Okpala

Akpo, March 12, 2018 -- A health official at Akpo, Aguata Local Government (LGA) has assured a panicky mother, whose child was administered double dose of measles vaccines that there was nothing to worry about.

Mrs Blessing Nwokemezu, from Akpo, Aguata LGA 4-year-old son, Ifechukwu Nwokemezu was administered the measles vaccine twice.

She had run to the officials over the double vaccination by health personnel who did not check to see an ink from earlier vaccination, showing that he had earlier been vaccinated before administering another one.

Mrs Roseline Nwankwo, the Health Officer-In-Charge, re-assured her that the double vaccination would not have any side effects on her child, but enjoined her to report regularly at the clinic so that they could continue to monitor the child’s heath status.

Mrs Nwankwo explained that all their personnel were trained before the commencement of the job.

She, however, blamed the official for failing to look out for the ink inscription on fingers of the child.

``The ink is supposed to help health personnel to know if a child has been administered elsewhere.’’

She, then, pleaded with the media to help to inform health personal out there to check children’s fingers before administering the measles vaccine.