Health commissioner advocates for clean environment in state-owned hospitals
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By Chukwudi Nwauba   :

Awka, July 31, 2020 (MOI) Anambra State Commissioner for Health, Dr Vincent Okpala has urged Management and staff members of state-owned hospitals to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Addressing a periodic meeting with management and staff members of General Hospital, Onitsha, Dr Okpala emphasised the importance of a clean environment in health facilities.

The meeting was held at the Conference Hall of the hospital.

Dr Okpala explained that the periodic meeting was instituted in order to evaluate performances, take note of challenges facing management and staff members in state-owned hospitals.

He noted that Onitsha the General Hospital to be one of the foremost hospitals in the state and that the government was doing everything possible to maintain it.

``We addressed housekeeping issues, took note of how they are coping with the pandemic, knowing that we have frontline health workers here and as well addressed the issues raised in the last meeting.

``Other issues like residence training at the hospital were addressed and we also discussed the environment, because we are really troubled about the attitude of workers with respect to upkeep of their environment.

``It is unacceptable that the hospital space is dirty and overrun by grasses; it will not be a healing environment if it is dirty because people will run the risk of exposing themselves to bodily harm or can get bitten by snakes.

``So, we are launching an 'Operation Keep Our Hospitals Clean’ and that is the reason we went round the hospital environment and discovered that workers actually are the culprits because this is really their responsibility.

``Also we preached about taking ownership; people should take ownership of their work place and it is very important for them to do that.

``This is the message we pass across; you see with my team, the hospital management together with some staff members carried out the exercise of cutting the grasses.’’

He noted that the state Government was currently looking into the issues of manpower across state-owned hospitals and once that was done with comprehensive reports, the issue of manpower would be resolved.

According to the commissioner the message to all the Management and staff members of state-owned hospitals is for them to take full ownership of their work place as well as maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Special Adviser to the Governor on Health, Dr Simeon Onyemaechi explained that the essence of the meeting was to do analysis, look at the strength, opportunities and weaknesses and proffer solutions.

 ``Your strength and weaknesses are the things within you and we are emphasising looking at the traits at all times.

``It is important that at any level, we find ourselves, we look inwards; what can we do to actually make things work differently within the setup we find ourselves?

``A lot of low hanging fruits like the commissioner was pointing out and you don't expect the grasses around the hospitals for example to be allowed to over grow the entire place.

``Bulbs will get spoiled; to change them, you don't need the government to do that for you because these are within our own control.

``These kinds of things will help us tremendously to get the government to look into the direction of a particular hospital for example; business of health is well recognised across the world,’’ Dr Onyemaechi said.

Hospital Administrator, Dr Richmond Achugbu urged the management and staff members to be committed in the discharge of their duties.

``Often times, commitment is a problem and we need men and women of integrity who can work from conscience and that is what we need in order to bring up our hospitals up to speed.

``So, with a continuous dialogue between the workers and government things will improve and I believe strongly that hospitals can be managed and with profit as well,’’ he said.

Chief Medical Director Onitsha General Hospital, Dr Ebelechukwu Aniugwu assured the team that the hospital premises would be kept clean.

Dr Aniugwu pleaded with the Government to address the issue of manpower, which according to her would help them to perform optimally. (MOI)