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By Enoch Uzuegbunam

Nnewi, April 11, 2019 (MOI) Members of Hausa Community residing in Nnewi have pleaded with Anambra State Government to provide them a parcel of land on which to build market and a cemetery.

Diya made the plea during a news conference in Nnewi.

Leader of the community in Nnewi, Alhaji Mohammed Diya said indigenes of Nnewi had been friendly with them.

He noted that they had not been able to meet their demands for land on which they could establish their own market and burying ground.

According to him, when the land is provided, members can do their business and bury their loved ones in a potion that we will designate as cemetery.

He explained that the community had existed in Nnewi since the early 1970s, and apart from the two past issues, they were happy living peacefully with their host community.

Diya added that Hausa people living in Nnewi were many. ``we are not happy that we do not have a market. We want to have a market that we can call Hausa Market’’.

``We need a market where we can bring cattle, bags of maize and other farm produce and sell.’’

The community leader said apart from issues of market and burying ground, the people of his community were comfortable here. ``Nnewi people are friendly and accommodating’’.

According to him, Hausa businessmen are interested in bringing cattle, goats and different farm produce to sell to the people, which will be to the benefit of Ndi Nnewi and Ndi Hausa. (MOI)