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By Gloria Anaeze :

Onitsha, Feb.14, 2020 (MOI) Mr Vincent Ezekwueme, Chairman Anambra State Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO), has urged Nigerians to emulate the sacrificial and selfless life of St. Valentine as they mark Valentine’s Day to actualise Nigeria’s dreams, hopes and aspirations.

According to him, it is paramount to note that for us to make our good better and our better best, it calls for us to think and embrace common good and interest.

Ezekwueme made the remark during public lecture that he delivered to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Youths with theme: ``Live for Humanity’’ at Onitsha to commemorate 2020 Feast of St. Valentine.

He described Love as ``that condition in which happiness of another person supersedes your own’’.

The chairman said that according to John Holmes, there is no exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up, which only love can guarantee, pertinently of which St. Valentine fought, lived and died for.

Ezekwueme while saying that significantly, Valentine Day was a period to love and care for one another and humanity at large, expressed worry that some persons abuse and misconceive the feast.

He, however, said that for us to get it right and best it was impossible to avoid and inevitable to emulate and imbibe tenets, principles and lessons of St. Valentine, which symbolised love, charity, kindness and selflessness.

His other qualities include compassion, empathy to humanity irrespective of tribes, religion, clans or political affiliations, and obedience to the laws, ordinances and commands of God, not man.

The chairman emphasised that there was more blessings attached to giving than receiving, calling on all to emulate this great saint of love -- Valentine.

He urged government, schools, religious and traditional institutions to inculcate and encourage moral rectitude, chastity, decorum, fear and love of God in the youths and nation.

``The panacea for sex for mark scandal, promiscuity, moral decadence, youths’ restiveness, idleness and unemployment are compulsory introduction of moral ethics, entrepreneurial education and skills in

our schools and love of God and humanity.

``Albert Schweitzer postulates that the purpose of life is to serve and show love, compassion, passion, charity and empathy, thereby putting smiles on people’s faces especially those who can never pay you back.’’ (MOI)