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By Uzo Ugwunze :

Ojoto (Idemili South LGA), July 18, 2019 (MOI) In a bid to promote academic excellence, Anambra State Universal Basic Education Board (ASUBEB) Idemili South LGA, plans to swap Public Primary School teachers for invigilation of examinations.

They will be expected through the swapping to record and grade the 2018/2019 promotional examinations.

Education Secretary Idemili South LGA, Basic Education Ministry, through ASUBEB, Mrs Anthonia Enemuo noted that swapping of teachers, was being re-introduced to determine teachers’ effectiveness.

She explained that the quality of education in the state was high and in other to maintain it, no teacher should remain in his or her station during promotional examination.

Mrs Enemuo said that the swapping which was stopped about a decade ago would now promote qualitative and objective examination as the results would be more reliable.

``The directive to reintroduce swapping is to ensure qualitative examination as well as to determine teachers’ capabilities. When a teacher leaves her school to a new environment to supervise exams, she will do it without sentiments.

``The children will not be aided during examinations; they will write what they know, because the examiner is not their class teacher; the teacher will also mark, record and grade the pupils,” Enemuo said.

Two teachers, Mrs  Anthonia Onwusika of Community Primary School, Ojoto and Mrs Eucharia Obidimma of Ugwube Primary School, Oba commended ASUBEB for reintroducing the swapping, saying that it would compel teachers to sit up.

``It will promote the quality of education of the pupils, because when you know someone else will examine your children, you will sit up and give off your best,” Onwusika said.

Mrs Obidimma said: ``swapping is good, all my teachers are at Isu Primary School, Oba while Isu Teachers are in my school at Oba, saying that the exercise is not without its challenges”.

The swapping at Idemili South are as follows: Central School Nnobi/Community Central school Nnobi; Ebenesi Primary School, Nnobi/Migrant farmers Nnobi; Obi Memorial PS Nnobi/Ezike PS Nnobi; Agbom PS Nnobi/Central school Nnokwa.

Obodoakpa PS Nnobi/United PS Ngo Nnobi; Community PS Nnokwa/Idemili PS Nnokwa; Ukpaka PS Nnokwa/Umuoshi PS Alor; Umuokwu PS Alor/Okwu memorial PS Alor; Primary CS Alor/United PS Alor; Uruezeani PS Alor/Central School Alor; Central school Awka Etiti/Community PS Awka Etiti;

Union PS Awka Etiti/Nkolofia PS Awka Etiti; Umunocha PS Awka Etiti/Ogunzele PS Awka Etiti; Bright PS Oba/Umumpama PS Oba; United PS Awkuzu Oba/Umuezegbogu PS Oba; Isu PS Oba/Ugwube PS Oba; Central School Oba/Community PS Umuogali Oba;

Others are United PS Ojoto/Central School Enuogwugwu Ojoto; United PS Umuogali Oba/Oganiru PS Ojoto; Community PS Ojoto Uno/Uruene PS Ojotouno.  (MOI)