AIRS reviews some COVID-19 pandemic measures
person_pin Okey Onwuka
query_builder June 29, 2020 16:36:22

By Seraphine Obi  :

Awka, June 29, 2020 (MOI) Anambra internal Revenue Service (AiRS) management team has critically reviewed, re-strategised for a proper and well detailed manner of abiding by the rules and regulations in avoiding contracting COVID-19 pandemic.

During a management meeting in Awka, Chairman, AiRS, Dr David Nzekwu stressed the need to take precautionary measures in staying safe when serving the public.

Nzekwu directed the administrative authority to provide seats and tables within the premises for receptionists and visitors with a view to regulating physical movement in and out of the offices.

He also directed the provisions of multiple water taps and hand sanitisers for proper hand washing, promising to provide more face masks/shields for the staff members.

``There should not be more than 3 persons in a particular department or unit. Heads of Department must ensure strict compliance to this directive in other to avoid physical contact among the staff members.

``While we work very hard to ensure that we generate revenue for the state government in this pandemic era, It is also necessary that we work safely.

``AiRS as an organisation is very essential to growth and aspirations of the state with regards to revenue generation,’’ he noted.

Dr Nzekwu urged people and eligible taxpayers to ensure that they use AIRS website, and all other online platforms for enquiries and transactions. (MOI)