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By Chinemelu Okafor

Ihiala, June 15, 2019 (MOI) New Traditional Ruler of Ihiala, Oluoha, Igwe Thomas Ikenna Amuta Obidiegwu has vowed to ensure more peaceful reign during his tenure.

``I will ensure peace and oneness,’’ Igwe Obidiegwu vowed in an interview with Politics Correspondent of Ministry of Information based at Ihiala.

The new Oluoha made the vow in his Palace at Umunnebogwu Okohia, Ihiala, after a keenly contested Igweship with Chief Azuka Alagwu.

The tussle for the stool nearly tore Ihiala apart.

``I have come to harmonise and re-unite Ihiala, as a one happy family,’’ the Igwe said, stressing, ``my reign will be the new face of Ihiala, where everybody will be under one umbrella’’.

It has been gathered that Oluoha throne rotates among the seven sons of Dioha Royal Family. These sons represent some specific villages that trace their linage to Dioha.

The journey to the throne starts from Elekechem, adjudged as the eldest son of Dioha to others -- Nnebogwu,  Mmenike, Adobihi, Irogbuewu, Abanike and Ezeogu.

It rotates within these royal sons (villages) of Dioha.

It was also gathered that that there were three documents that also spells out guidelines to Oluohaship.

Igwe Obidiegwu noted that the first of such documents emanated from the Smith Enquiries, while the second was entire Ihiala Constitution as well as Code of conduct for Oluoha of Ihiala.

He said the third document spells out the rotation, known as the summary of the agreements of the seven sons of Dioha and their representatives.

It is that agreement that spells out, how each of the families, whose turn to produce Oluoha and how they would produce a candidate.

``It is this document that produced the late Oluoha, Dr Cosmas Okechukwu from Elekechem.’’

Igwe Obidiegwu noted that before his emergence, he went through all the procedures as prescribed in all documents relating to the installation of Oluoha, just as was followed to produce the last monarch.

``It is the Okpara of Nnebogwu that produced me, before handing over to the other six Okparas, of Dioha Royal Family.’’

When aspirants were whittled down to three from six, each of the remaining three aspirants was asked to bring a person each to make up an18-man Committee that made the final selection.

``The result eventually produced me,’’ Igwe Obidiegwu said.

According to him, inspite of the first procedure, a referendum was organised to corroborate veracity of the screening, and I won the highest votes of 150.

Prof. Aluka had just a vote, while Chief Azuka Alagwu scored zero votes.

Igwe Oluoha said in addition, the Okpara of Elekechem conducted his own free and fair election, and I still emerged as the winner.

One Chief Sylvester Anyaigbo, leader of the Dioha Royal Family, conducted his own independent free and fair election and ``I still emerged as the winner’’.

The other had accepted the result and stepped down, but Azuka and his supporters didn't want to accept the results and is why it seemed as if there was tussle.

Based on the credible actions and transparent procedures followed, the Anambra State Government, then, presented certificate of recognition to Igwe Obidiegwu. (MOI)