In the area of Information management, the Ministry of Information and Public Enlightenment is doing creditably well to keep faith with the strategic communication blueprint initiated at the onset of the Governor Willie Obiano Administration. Part of the essence of the communication blueprint is to sustain effective communication that will ensure the rapid attainment of the vision, mission and development initiatives of the Obiano Administration.


Provide informed enlightenment on Government and Public interest Initiatives of The Willie Obiano Administration for Ndi Anambra and other Groups in the World and facilitate interaction thereof.


Structure a robust Information delivery approach based on the Willie Obiano’s Pillars and Enablers to engage Ndi Anambra and all Stakeholders towards the attainment of shared values and aspirations enunciated by this elected Government.


By use of an amalgam of the Ministry’s capacity, contacts, networks, deploy through multiple platforms Information to educate, to introduce and reinforce our State values and progress while sustaining dialogue with Ndi Anambra at home and Diaspora.