Ministry of Mineral Resources, Science & Technology

In the last 20 months of Chief Willie Obiano’s administration the following achievements have been attained with respect to the activities of the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Science and Technology.

The Kaolin Processing Plant superstructure got a boost during the period under review. Attached herewith is a digital photograph of the factory building at Ukpor. The structure will house the production process equipment sequence for raw kaolin processing into pharmaceutical grade kaolin as well as pottery, paper & pulp grades. Recall that this plant would exploit the huge deposits of kaolin underlying Ukpor, Okija, Ozubulu, Lilu, Orsumoghu, Umunze, Umuchu, Ikem-Ivite, Nsugbe etc for beneficiation to generate revenue and create jobs for ‘Ndi Anambra’.
The geology of Anambra State is very fragile and exposed to constant menace of environmental degradation and devastation arising from numerous mining activities by both licensed and unlicensed miners at dredging, excavation, burrow pit locations Statewide. This emphasizes the need to vigorously push for the protection of our landscape from these threats of erosion and land mass-wasting through constant and sustainable monitoring. Within the period of Chief Willie Obiano’s administration in review, the Ministry was enabled to purchase a brand new NISSAN URVAN NV-350 BUS to promote and enhance monitoring activities at mining, excavation and dredging sites within Anambra State.
REFURBISHING OF THE ANAMBRA STATE RAW MATERIALS DISPLAY CENTRE The Anambra State Raw Materials Display Centre was established in 1994 (commissioned by the Military Administrator Col. M. E. Attah) to showcase and display raw materials of Anambra State origin and those of other parts of the country for the benefits of potential investors, industrialists, educational institutions and general public who would need such information for raw material sourcing, investment purposes and education/knowledge.

After having migrated through a number of private accommodations over time, it was finally accommodated in the Chief Jerome Udorji Secretariat Complex (Phase 2). The raw materials which are displayed in shelves and wooden cupboards have aged and have been moth-eaten overtime, since 1994. It was during these 20 months of Chief Willie Obiano’s administration that this much needed refurbishment and updating of the displayed shelves was made.

TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION CENTRE (TIC), NNEWI This project is a joint programme between the Federal Government through Federal Ministry of Science and Technology and Anambra State Government (ANSG). The responsibility of Federal Government is the day to day the Administration of the Centre, while ANSG is in charge of Infrastructural development Willie Obiano Administration, in February, 2015 we did Landscaped, and painted the Centre. The State Government also installed 250kVA Transformer at the Centre.
TRAINING OF UNEMPLOYED YOUTHS Five hundred (500) unemployed youths of Anambra State were trained at Technology Incubation Centre (TIC), Nnewi to acquire fourteen (14) different skills
NATIONAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (NASTECH) WEEK National Science and Technology (NASTECH) week is a National programme approved by the National Council on Science and Technology to acquiant Nigerians with Indigenous capabilities in Science and Technology and to promote transformation of locally available National Resources into goods and services as well as encourage the learning and teaching of science subjects. The strategy is to promote ingenuity/invention/innovation and creativity of the citizenry through the organization of Science and Technology workshops lectures/seminars and holding of interactive session/forums for industrialists, investors, researchers, manufacturers, institutions and all stakeholders in Science and Technology. Fairs/exhibitions for inventors, innovators and students and also Quiz for students. The State Government approved and 2014 National Science and Technology (NASTECH) week was carried out successfully.
This is an annual competitive exhibition and workshop aimed at developing innovation/invention and intellectual capacity of youths at Secondary Schools level “Catch them young”. Ministry of Science and Technology organizes this programme in collaboration with Ministry of Education. The event takes place at six Education Zones of the State. At each Zone the 1st – 3rd best exhibitors/competitors are picked. At the State levels best three of 1st – 3rd from Zones are selected. The State Government approved that it be carried out for 2014. It took place at the six Educational Zones and at the State level successfully. The 1st – 3rd position schools & projects are listed here under:

  • Thermal food preservation device (Queen of the Rosary College, Onitsha)
  • Water Battery (Government Technical College, Umueri)
  • Helicopter (Okongwu Memorial Grammer School, Nnewi)

The schools and students were given certificate of participation and cash prizes. The best three were also given certificates of merit

  • The Ministry has successfully monitored and collated information on the various weather factors, translated then into data, processed and analysed them into a more meaningful usage for research work as well s in various projects works where the needs are required.
  • Also the existing hydrometeorological data bank has been booted as information is being collected and stored over the period under review.
  • More weather monitoring equipments where purchased and the existing ones maintained to keep steady flow of data