Ministry of Mineral Resources, Science & Technology





Chinedu Emeka, Ph.D., FNCS                                   Honourable Commissioner

E.N.C. Ogbaji, JP                                                         Permanent Secretary

Revd. K.C. Okonkwo                                                  Director,Hydromet

D.O. Ezeudu                                                       Director, Mineral Resources and Energy

E.N. Oputa                                                          Director, Admin

C.A. Achugbu                                                              D.D. Science and Tech

E.I. Eboh                                                                      HOD Accounts

Florence Idigo                                                              HOD ICT

C.N. Ezewudo                                                              HOD PRS




1 VERIFICATION OF THINGS This is a joint project with the Ministry of Road, Rail and Water Transportation. Its main objective is to uniquely identify THINGS, ASSETS and RESOURCES across the State in order to aggregate cumulative transactions on such things, assets and resources on a continuous basis. THINGS, ASSETS and RESOURCES include residential buildings, hotels, petrol stations, commercial buildings etc. The project has commenced with registration of okada and keke. A total of 2,572 okada and keke have been registered on the Verification of Things (VoT) platform. Vests and stickers have also been issued to the operators. On-going
2 TRAINING OF UNEMPLOYED YOUTHS Five hundred (500) unemployed youths of Anambra State were trained at Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) Nnewi to acquire fourteen (14) different skills. Arrangements are in top gear for disbursement of loan from Anambra State Small Business Agency (ASBA) to enable them establish their own businesses Ongoing
3 CREATION OF ICT DEPARTMENT AND SETUP OF AN ICT LABORATORY About eight years ago, the National Council on Science and Technology (NCST) and National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) recommended that State Governments should establish ICT departments to develop State ICT programs and interface with these national bodies. This recommendation was not implemented in Anambra State. This Administration has created an ICT department in the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Science & Technology to bring Anambra State at par with other States that have done so and in line with International Best Practices.

The functions of the ICT department include:

·                     To consolidate and seamlessly connect various ICT infrastructure already procured by the State Government.

·                     Automation of Government activities, such as Human Resources Management, Hospital Administration etc.

·                     Provision and maintenance of Information Technology facilities

·                     Development of Computer Laboratories and Computer Education curriculum for State Secondary Schools in conjunction with the Ministry of Education

·                     Computer related Human Resources Development (Computer Training for Public  & Civil Servants)

·                     Provision of Advisory Services and consultancy services on Information and Communication Technology

An ICT laboratory was set up as well, to provide relevant resources to MDAs

4 DEPLOYMENT OF ICT INFRASTRUCTURE IN ANAMBRA STATE MDAs The ICT department has created awareness on the use of ICT as a tool to automate government processes and enable the State Civil and Public Servants to work smarter. In addition the Ministry has made the following achievements in ICT.

·               Formulation of ANSG ICT policy

·               Rolled out Anambra ICT Infrastructure deployment plan to provide connectivity to strategic MDAs

·                  The contract has been awarded/process of deployment has commenced

On going


The POS project was conceived as first phase of automation of Government business (IGR) collection. It is expected to plug leakages associated with collection of cash by an agent (which is now replaced by electronic payment) and increase Internally Generated Revenue significantly. The ICT department chaired the Technical Committee of the project. Completed
6 KAOLIN PROCESSING PLANT PROJECT AT UKPOR This administration has erected a factory building in the Kaolin processing plant at Ukpor. Plans are afoot to refurbish and install the kaolin processing machines supplied by the Federal Government. Thereafter, it is expected that Kaolin processing will commence before the end of this year. On going- Initiated by the previous administration
7 ANAMBRA STATE RESIDENCY PROJECT This project involves the biometric data capture of all residents of Anambra State who are 18 years and above. The objectives of the projects include:

·         To register all Residents of Anambra State into the Residency Database

·         To issue unique State Identification Number to every Resident of the State

·         To issue State Identification Card to all Residents. Over 500,000 residents have been enrolled. The project includes a Data Centre. The Ministry is in the process of taking over management of the Data centre from CHAMS PLC


On going – Initiated by the previous administration
8 AUDIT OF ANAMBRA STATE SECONDARY SCHOOLS INTERCONNECTIVITY PROJECT The Anambra State Secondary Schools interconnectivity project was audited by the Ministry. As a result of the audit, Galaxy backbone granted Anambra State “a free use period of six months” valued at N129m. The Ministry has made some recommendations on how the project can be scaled down to improve functionality and is now awaiting approval to reactivate the project Completed
9 DEPLOYMENT OF ANAMBRA STATE GOVERNMENT WEBSITE & CREATION OF OVER 500 E-MAIL ADDRESSES The Ministry working in concert with a consultant has upgraded the Anambra State website:

The Ministry has also created over 500 email addresses for civil & public servants.

The e-mail account has the following nomenclature; firstname[dot]

10 STAFF VERIFICATION EXERCISE The Ministry played a significant role in the recently conducted Staff verification exercise. Over 14000 staff were verified and at the end of the exercise, 749 ghost workers were identified. Completed
11 FOOLPROOF RECEIPT BOOKLET FOR COLLECTION OF GOVERNMENT INTERNALLY GENERATED REVENUE The Ministry presented the “Foolproof Receipt Booklet For Collection of Government Internally Generated Revenue (IGR)” at the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) in Maryland, USA. The project was well received and adjudged capable of eliminating fraud. The receipt booklet ensures that;

·            On the part of Government – there is 99% accountability of revenue collected

·         On the part of Citizens paying taxes/levies – there is no doubt about the authenticity of the receipt issued and that payment has been made to the rightful beneficiary (Government)

12 E-INSURANCE SCHEME Following an EXCO directive, the Ministry provided technical supervision for the Anambra State E-Insurance scheme. The project which is expected to increase IGR by over 50 million per month is now awaiting launching by the Anambra State Board of Internal Revenue Service. Completed
13 METAL SCRAP REVENUE WINDOW The ministry has been able to move its  IGR window from N100,000/month as at July 2014 to N500,000/month (Dec. 2015) and N1,000,000/month in May 2016 On going
14 TIME & ATTENDANCE Biometric Time and Attendance machines have been deployed at the State Secretariat complex. The solution which tracks attendance of staff has impacted positively on attendance and punctuality. On going
15 MINING / DEVELOPMENT OF SOLID MINERAL SECTOR The State Government has engaged the services of a Consultant to help develop the solid mineral sector of the State as the State is richly endowed with abundant mineral resources. The State intends to acquire mining leases and exploration licenses for Kaolin, Glass Sand, Bentonite and Lignite in this first phase On going
16 INTERNET CONNECTIVITY FOR THE STATE DATA CENTRE The objective of this project is to make the data captured in the Anambra Residency Database online. Connectivity has been established. Data mining process is going on.


T7 TIME & ATTENDANCE The objective of this project is to track attendance and punctuality of staff.

Biometric Time and Attendance machines have been deployed at the State Secretariat complex. The solution which tracks attendance of staff has impacted positively on attendance and punctuality.

18 CHARACTERIZATION OF ANAMBRA BENTONITE FOR EXPLORATION AS AN INDUSTRIAL RAW MATERIAL The objective of this project is to impose an orderly, systematic and effective approach to harness this raw material for the benefit of the state.

Samples have been collected and tested. Quality of Anambra Bentonite from tested locations has been determined.

19 CHARACTERIZATION OF SANDSTONE DEPOSITS FOR PROSPECTIVE  INVESTMENTS IN ANAMBRA STATE The objective of this project is to investigate and ascertain the availability of sandstone / other mineral deposit in the state.

Samples have been collected and tested. Quality of Anambra sandstone from tested locations has been determined



By Mike Ezenwata : The senior special assistant to the governor on primary education lady Pat Offia has expressed her support for Governor Willie Obiano’s administration for championing the cause of development in the state.

Lady Pat who spoke to the press in Awka while assessing the blueprint of his administration, said the Governor has done so much for the state within his three years in office, and made special reference to his impact in the education sector which has earned him the best education friendly governor in 2015.

She further acknowledged the wisdom of  professor Chukwuma Soludo in endorsing the governor for a second tenure, quoting his popular adage that “if something is not broken why mend it”.

Contributing, an illustrious son of Nimo, Prince Chike Okafor-Agilo gave a glorying tribute to Governor Willie Obiano led administration for spreading democracy dividends, to all nooks and crannies of the state.

Prince Okafor-Agilo acknowledged his giant strides in the areas of security and infrastructural development.

He challenged the citizenry to give their unalloyed support to the governor who deserves a second tenure in office.

Prince Okafor-Agilo further welcomed the stand of Professor Soludo who has publicly declared his support for the Obiano’s administration, he further ensued others to support the Willie led administration.

In a similar view, a female musician, Lady Ifeyinwa Nweke expressed great support for Governor Obiano who rightly deserves a second term in office.

Lady Ifeyinwa urged the Governor to intensify action on the rehabilitation of inner roads in Awka Town.