Ministry of Housing & Urban Renewal

Vision/Mission & Executive Mandate

01. Vision/Mission & Executive Mandate


Become a model Government Parastatal providing the required Government services based on best practices as they affect physical planning and development control.


To use the services of relevant but qualified and experienced personal to foster sustainable settlement pattern/habitat/environment.

The above vision and mission statements guide the operations and decisions taken at ASUDEB

Executive mandate/strategic work plan
ASUDEB is a creation of Law. As a result, the mandate driving the activities of the board is derived statutory from section 6(a) – (i) and 7(a)-(f) of the Anambra State Urban Development Board Law. In summary, the mandate of the Board is encapsulated in physical planning activities and development control matters. Thus the Board is majority seen with minor infrastructural provisions such as opening up of roads in layouts, building of small bridges and culverts, preparation of intervention plans for blighted settlements and controlling of building developments generally.


02. Projects/Operations

Building of big twin culvert at Ikenga layout
The twin culvert is aimed at connecting the traffic flow along the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway and Old Enugu-Onitsha Road. The road starting from opposite Government House through the Barnhill Hotel and Resort to the Old Enugu-Onitsha Road is now connected.

Preparation of slum up-grading plan for Urban, Nkpor in Idemili North Local
Government Area
This project was started during the inception of Willie Obiano’s administration and was completed before 24th December, 2014. The project is to provide a plan for upgrading of slum development at Ububa Nkpor. Usually the task of this intervention measure in Urban Development is centered on development of plan for infrastructural development especially road network.

Preparation of Slum Up-Grading Plan for Ifite, Awka in Awka South Local Government Area
Also this project was started at the inception of Willie Obiano’s Administration and was completed before 24th December, 2014. The project provided plan for upgrading of the slum development at lfite,Awka. Presently, the area which is attracting a lot of land speculators and developers is developing without plan. This has given rise to development of slum or blighted areas. Therefore, with this upgrading/intervention plan in place, government can now provide the needed infrastructural facilities in the area using this slum upgrading plan.

Provision of eight (8) field operational for ASUDEB
During the first one year of Governor Willie Obiano’s Administration, eight (8) Hilux Vans were delivered to ASUDEB to boost her field operations. The Board has not had it better than this before now. The vehicles have actually made some different in terms of revenue generation and effective/quick field monitoring.

Demolition Exercise
Demolition of illegal structures is seen in physical planning (Town Planning) profession as development initiative. This is because demolition by government is always an effort to re-direct a faulty landuse or development to fall in line with the planned landuse or approved specifications for that project. During this first one year in office of Governor Willie Obiano, the required environment and will power inherent in the administration emboldened the Board to action.
Consequently, the Board carried our large scale demolition exercise at the former Oba Airport site and succeeded in stopping the illegal landuse and soil excavation in the area. Also through large scale demolitions, the attitude of Onitsha Residents in violating height restrictions, were stopped especially in areas like Omagba Phase I and II, Oyolu-Oze Layout, Enema Layout, Enuovuve Layouts all in Nkwelle-Ezunaka.
All these were made during this first year of Governor Willie Obiano’s administration because of its supportive will power and the provision of security which hitherto was nonexistent.

Sinking of borehole at ASUDEB Headquarters, Awka
During the first one year of Governor Willie Obiano, a functional water borehole was sunk and reticulated at the ASUDEB Headquarters in Awka. This has helped so much in the clean and healthy environment experienced in ASUDEB. The toilets are always clean. The passages and numerous offices in the headquarters Complex are always scribed with water and disinfectants.
Also the borehole now provides very easy source of water for the Board’s Water Tanker which is used to landscape sites in Awka during the dry seasons.