Ministry of Education



In line with the strategic objectives of the education sector in Governor Willie Obiano’s blueprint for development,the Anambra State Ministry of Education has the mandate of ensuring that the learning needs of all are met and making Anambra State one of the three top States in Nigeria with the lowest illiteracy rate.

With Education  occupying a vantage position as the key enabler to the four pillars of development, efforts have been geared towards achieving the desired goals.Achievements in the last twenty months no doubt have been monumental from three points thrust:

  1. Teachers’ welfare
  2. Pupils/students’ welfare
  3. Infrastructure/development


Gov. Willie Obiano’s realization that teachers have pivotal roles to play in driving the process of providing world class education to Umuakwukwo ndi Anambra, led the present administration to start from day one to make teachers happy. For Gov. Obiano’s administration, teachers’ welfare rank very high. The son of a teacher himself, Obiano is passionate about enhancing the welfare package of teachers and instituting better incentives. He says in His blueprint on education;


“Introduction of rigorous recruitment exercise and reverse remuneration for teachers to attract the best resources in Nigeria across all level of education. Employ over 5,000 additional teachers to ensure pupils to teacher ratio improves from 24:1 to 15:1”.Religiously, the administration is implementing this strategy in the following ways:

  • Completion of the deployment of 3000 NCE holders to various primary schools on 1st April 2014, thereby reducing staff vacancies existing in our primary schools especially those in rural areas.
  • Donation of the sum of N4.3million in support of the 2013 World Teachers’ Day.
  • Donation of the sum of N10million to support the completion of the NUT House and additional support of N15million to complete the teachers’ house project.
  • Donation of a 150KVA Generator to power the building.
  • Promotion of teachers to SGL 16.
  • Sponsorship of 400 teachers to the STAN conference, and donation of ₦5 million for the conference logistics.
  • Commissioning of the PPSSC Awka Zonal office building.

Further Incentives to Teachers include:

  • Payment of ₦3000 as allowances to teachers of core subjects of English Language, Mathematics and the Sciences.
  • Payment of 20% of basic salary to all teachers in the hard to staff/rural areas.
  • 15% increment in all teachers’ salaries from January 2015. The beauty of this is that teachers least expected the increase.
  • Arrears of promotion for tutorial and non-tutorial staff approved.The exercise has boosted the morale of teachers and has resulted in improved performance and productivity.
  • Regular and timely payment of salaries have been sustained.
  • Appointment of Education Secretaries to oversee the affairs of primary education in 21LGAs
  • Improvedsalary package for NwaforOrizu College of Education Staff through improved subvention. In doing this, His Excellency has written his name in gold in the hearts of the College’s Staff
  • Improved subvention for ChukwuemekaOdumegwuOjukwu (COOU) – The State University
  • Constituted visitation panels to COOU and NOCEN. This is to ensure transparency in the conduct of affairs in the institutions – a process that has remained largely neglected. The white paper on the visitation panel has been released.
  • The governing council of the two state’s institutions COOU and NOCEN have been constituted and councils in both institutions have taken off.


The welfare of Pupils and students of Anambra state occupy a central position in all activities of the present administration in the education sector. This is in line with Gov. Obiano’s desire to provide world class education to the children of Anambra State. The results have been;

  1. Massive infrastructural development and improvement in schools.
  2. Scholarship for brilliant indigent children- as over 150 indigent children have received scholarship awards. The last 72 recipients included the orphans of Late Mr. Okpala, a lecturer at NnamdiAzikiweUniversity,Awka.Physically challenged children are also beneficiaries of Gov. Willie Obiano’s scholarship awards.
    Members of Anambra State Junior Debate Team are among the beneficiaries of Gov. Willie Obiano’s scholarship awards. The team Anambra defeated the 36 States including Abuja, in the National President’s Junior Debate Competition and won the ticket to represent Nigeria in the 2015 Winter Holiday Open Debate competition in Croatia.In line with the existing scholarship policy in the State, His Excellency Chief Dr. Willie Obiano has also continued the award of scholarship to indigent, traumatized, physically challenged and award winning students. Among the beneficiaries of the scholarship grants include those in primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Worthy of mention are those who have been victims of Boko Haram and other accidents.
  3. Students of NTC I- NTC III in technical colleges also enjoy tuition free education.


The development and improvement of infrastructure in schoolsarealso aimed at achieving the welfare of the children and providing world class education to umuakwukwondiAnambra. Some of the activities carried out so far include: completion of fencing in ten (10) girls boarding schools, Supply of white boards to schools, Installation of Firefighting equipment in schools, Provision of sick bay in schools – N1m has been released to 420 public and private secondary schools for the equipping of the sick bay and provision of sports equipment. All sick bay in secondary schools have been upgraded with the fund provided. All these are part of the initiatives embarked upon by the present administration to ensure the safety of our children, and they are referred to as the ‘safe school initiatives’.

Fencing completed at Girls’ Sec. Sch. Awka-Etiti

Still under infrastructure, government has:

  • Supplied laptop computers to public schools and 220 private schools.
  • Supplied quality books and instructional materials for quality education.
  • Provided fund for sports equipment and establishment of functional libraries.
  • Constructed new standard school blocks and renovated dilapidated ones, to enhance conducive learning. Over 1500 units of class room blocks are spread across the 21 local governments in the State.
  • Completion of provision of generating sets to 420 schools in the State: 50KVA (110 Schools), and 30KVA (310 Schools)
  • Acquisition of 3 new schools, Ebe Unity College, Ukpor – Nnewi South LGA, and Anthony Obaze Community Secondary School Ochuche, Ogbaru LGA.
  • Plans have gone far for the acquisition of a secondary school in Ndiukwuenu – a town in Orumba North that has been deprived of secondary schools and where the next town with a secondary is up to 14 kilometers away.
  • Acquired over 500,000 copies of textbooks for distribution to school libraries (in collaboration with Ihezue foundation UK). Equipping of Community Education Resource Center (CERC), Okpuno with 250 internet ready laptops for CBT, the center is ready for examinations
  • Retooling of 60 Science laboratories in secondary schools- in the first phase of the project is ongoing.

Renovation of school



5.Other areas in which His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano has repositioned the education sector.


  • Capacity building
  • Observance of standard and best practices
  • Sponsorship of students to competitions
  • Access and equity
  • Education and Industry in the state


The saying that we do not have dull students but dull classrooms rings so true. This is why capacity building for teachers is a serious aspect of the Obiano’s administration. Training is done in both at the Ministry’s level and in collaboration with other partners. Gov. Obiano has vowed to:

“Entrench basic ICT into all programs at all levels and curricula. Continue with ICT projects – computer for every teacher by 2015 and hand held devices for students by 2018”

  • 23 officials of Anambra State Government including Teachers and Principals of Technical Colleges visited Singapore to under-study their best practices in the management of Technical and Vocational education
  • Incorporation of computer training in the 2015/2016 school calendar
  • In collaboration with Microsoft, teachers are being trained in ICT
  • A scheme in place for every teacher to own a laptop
  • Teachers being trained in e governance, administrative and managerial skills
  • Continuous capacity building for teachers in Curriculum, Ethics, Pedagogy etc.
  • Literacy Enhancement and Achievement Project (LEAP).In collaboration with the Reading Association of Nigeria, driving the Literacy Enhancement and Achievement Project (LEAP) in 3 LGAs of the State where teachers and students are being exposed to critical and analytical thinking in English, Mathematics and Sciences.
  • One day stakeholders’ sensitization meeting on implementation of Public Private Partnership.
  • Training of ZDE’s, Principals, V. Principals, Staff, PPSSC, EDC (in collaboration with ASA-USA and PPSSC) (5TH – 7TH August, 2014.)
  • Emphasis on culture and language is sustained
  • Desk office for Igbo language and culture established
  • Training workshop for teachers on the promotion of Igbo language and culture in three senatorial zones of the State
  • 2015 Children’s Cultural Carnival organized in commemoration of His Excellency’s one year in office


  • Training of State high level Education Officials by Anambra experts in Diaspora (ASA-USA) on modern trends in the education sector.
  • Training of teachers in emergency preparedness and response.


  • Purchase of 6 Nos. Hilux project vehicles to facilitate project monitoring and supervision in schools.
  • Keying into Quality Assurance guidelines in school inspection.
  • Re-accreditation of private schools in the state to ensure quality and best practices
  • Sponsorship of the Ministry of Education to the Joint Consultative Council on Education (JCCE).
  • Committee on cultism in higher institutions set up
  • Interactive session with the students leaders on establishing a lasting measure against cultism
  • Close monitoring of examination centers and schools to check exam malpractices and naming and shaming of culprits.
  • Production of hand books on ethics
  • Closure of illegal schools and malpractice centers (35 nos. closed so far)
  • Close partnership with missions. N733 million released to the Anglican and Catholic missions for renovation of schools handed over to them.



Following the sponsorship by Gov. Obiano, Anambra State has participated in most competitions and received laurels for impressive performances. The competitions include:

  • NNPC National Quiz Competition for the South East Zone at Umuahia
  • 1st and 3rd stages of NMC National Mathematics Olympiad at Anambra, and Abuja.
  • Zonal level of Cowbell Mathematics Competition at Enugu in March,and May, 2014 respectively.
  • Nigeria Institute of Physics National Competition at University of Uyo 26th May 2014.
  • Second Position in the 2014 Nigerian Stock Exchange Essay Competition in Lagos in December, 2014.


  • 1st in WAEC and NECO for three consecutive years
  • 1st in 2014 Presidential Junior Debate to mark 50th Anniversary of Nigeria
  • 1st in 2015 ANCOPSS National Quiz competition
  • 2nd in 2014 National School Sports festival in Markudi
  • 1st in 2015 Presidents School Debate Competition and represented Nigeria in the World Schools Debate Competition held in Singapore.
  • 1st in 2015 National Science Project Exhibition Competition and represented Nigeria at the International Science Project Exhibition Competition in Mexico in November, 2015.
  • The Anambra State Junior Debate team won the ticket to represent Nigeria in 2015 Winter Holiday Open School Debate in Croatia, having defeated all other states and the FCT.
  • 2015 Best Junior Secondary School in Nigeria (QRC Onitsha).
  • 2015 Best Junior Secondary School in Nigeria (Loretto Special Science School, Adazi).
  • 2015 Best Primary School in Nigeria (Sancta Maria Primary School, Onitsha).


Special Education

  • His Excellency has vowed to prepare an all-inclusive education master plan to drive further development and progress within the sector. It is a known fact that special education has hitherto been a neglected area before the Obiano administration. The state at present has three special education centers – School of the Deaf and Dumb
  • feeding subventions for the special education centres in Anambra state have been increased from N50, 000 to N1.5 million naira.
  • Improvement of infrastructure at Special Education Centre, Isulo.
  • Free education for students of special education centers in Anambra State
  • Boy-child education —- every new market to have a school.
  • Deployment of teachers to rural areas


His Excellency has stated categorically in the blueprint on education that he will “ensure that the learning needs of all are met through equitable distribution of resources and will be one of the three top states with the lowest illiteracy rate. Adult and Non-formal Education is one sure way of meeting this. The Agency for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non-formal Education (AANFE) sub-sector established under LAW 1 of 1993 addresses the educational needs of children, youths and adults with respect to those who did not have the opportunity of acquiring formal education, those who dropped – out- of – school through various programmes. The Agency coordinates the Adult and Non-formal Education activities in 6 Education zones in the 21 LGAs. Facilitators are used for teaching and learning in the 11 market schools and 285 learning centers with 26, 956 learners.

Some of the learning centers include: Agbaedo market Center Nnewi, Bridge head Center Onitsha, Trinity Primary School IgboezunuAguleri, St. Mary’s Center Ifitedunu. Union School Center AdaziNnukwu, Ezinato Center, Awka.

Other achievements of Gov.Obiano’s administration in this sub-sector include:

  • Supported the hosting of the National Mass Education Commission’s scale up training of 100 facilitators in the south east zone on revitalizing adult and youth literacy.

A training session for facilitators of Adult Learners.

  • Hosting of the 2014 International literacy day in Anambra State with 36 States including FCT participating.
  • Scale up training for 100 facilitators on revitalizing youth and adult literacy in south east zone for improved teaching and learning in the centers (bringing to 120 the number of Anambra facilitators trained).
  • Establishing Adult and Non-formal Education data base for informed planning and improved adult and non-formal education (AANFE) delivery
  • Continued community sensitization and mobilization for increased learner enrolment and community participation in AANFE programmes.
  • Community dialogue in 177 communities in Anambra State on back-to-school programmes and providing safe learning spaces for out-of-school children aimed at addressing drop-out menace and identifying safe learning spaces in communities.
  • One major problem with adult learning is poor eye sight. The State Government supported 420 adult learners in 21 LGAs to have free eye test and treatment by supplying eye glasses and drugs as applicable to fast track His Excellency’s strategic objective of the State being ‘one of the top 3 with lowest illiteracy rate in the country’.


  • The Obiano administration has the strategy of “Establishing parents/teachers school board in all senatorial zones in the State”
  • To this end, we have established functional School Based Management Committees (SBMC) in primary and secondary schools. Training have been organized for them on how they can effectively run a transparent school government. To support the SBMCs, the government has disbursed N250, 000 and N500, 000 (a total of 154, 100, 000 annually) to 1,044 primary and 256 secondary schools in the State respectively. This is to aid them not just in the day to day running of the schools, but in doing minor purchases and repairs.
  • Establishment of migrant farmers and fishermen’s schools
  • Girl-child education —– ongoing intervention in the highly affected LGAs of Ayamelum, Anambra East, Anambra West and Ogbaru. Efforts are on to address this anomaly, and activities so far have elicited international collaborations. The Thai Ambassador to Nigeria, His Excellency, ChailetLimsonboon had earlier visited to explore further areas of intervention.
    Visit of the Thailand Ambassador to Anambra State
    Visit of the Thailand Ambassador to Anambra State.
  • State Education Project Implementation Programme (SEPIP).This is a World Bank assisted programme which is also facilitating the efforts of Gov. Willie Obiano at improving access to education, in line with the Disbursement Link Indicators. Technical and vocational education are some areas of interest of the project.


It is in Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) that the WilieObiano administration is gradually making its mark in the footprints of time. At inception, the 11 technical colleges in the state were at their lowest ebb. None had accreditation. Our Technical and Vocational Colleges offer a great opportunity to produce fit-for-purpose, indigenous human resources that will enable our focus on Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Trade and Commerce and Industrilization (The 4 Pillars) to yield the desired outcomes that will improve the quality of life of the local populace (To ensure that our Technical and Vocational Colleges are positioned to meet our needs, this administration conducted a thorough Needs Assessment of all the Colleges and developed strategies to meet the challenges.) They include:

  • Free tuition for students in NTC 1 – 3 to tackle the low intake of students at NTC 1 and high attrition rate in the final year (NTC 3).
  • Bridge programme to tackle the disconnect between the Colleges and the local Industries.
  • Establishment of a partnership between Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Nnewi, Federal Polytechnic, Oko and the Technical and Vocational Colleges
  • More partnership with companies in areas of hospitality and construction underway
  • Local and International capacity building programmes for the said teachers to improve quality of delivery.
  • Teachers of technical colleges were sent to Singapore to study best practices on the management of technical and vocational education.
  • Purchase of equipment for Vehicle Body Building Works course to be accredited in Government Technical Colleges, Nnewi. Nigeria Board of Technical Education (NBTE) is on a resource verification visit.
    Students of the Electrical department, GTC Onitsha in a practical session
    Students of the Electrical department, GTC Onitsha in a practical sessionMechanical Class session at GTC Onitsha
    Mechanical Class session at GTC Onitsha.


  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) – Signing of MOU between State Government, Innoson and Federal Poly Oko for the training of our technical colleges on auto body motor industry obiano
    This has resulted in the students of our technical colleges having their practical sessions at the INNOSSON motor vehicle manufacturing company in Nnewi.A practical session of GTC students atInnoson vehicle factory Nnewi
    A practical session of GTC students atInnoson vehicle factory, Nnewi.


  • Engagement of pupils, students, teachers and parents of Central School and Community Secondary School as well as Emmanuel Children School, Igbedor (A very rural riverine community in Anambra West Local Government). The Atta Okakwu, Eze Chigbata Mordi and his community members were also engaged, on the need to send their children to school.The HC on the river Niger a boat ride to Igbedor for a community engagement session
    The HC on the river Niger, a boat ride to Igbedor for a community engagement session.
  • HC engaging the women of Igbedor in discussions

HC engaging the women of Igbedor in discussions



By Mike Ezenwata : 

The Vice Chancellor of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Professor Joseph Ahaneku has called for the recognition of teachers as number one in the placement of priorities in the country given their strategic role as moulders of characters.

Professor Ahaneku made the call in Awka during the 2016 National Conference organized by the department of educational foundations, Faculty of Education of the university.

Represented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration of the University, Professor Carol Umeobi, the Vice Chancellor wondered why teachers should be relegated to the background given their pivotal roles in the formation of the characters and the education of people of substances in the society.

According to professor Ahaneku, the teaching profession should be given its pride of place for the notion to move forward.

Speaking on the theme of the conference, “Education for wholesome development in Nigeria”, the head of department, Educational Foundations Professor Ngozi Agu regretted that Nigeria not minding its big stature in Africa is weighed down by several situations that portray it as unwholesome and problematic.

According to Professor Agu, the world economic order, the socio-religious practices, amongst others inflict avoidable hardship on the Nigerian Children, the youths and the aged.

She called on stakeholders in education to create a plan for an educational system that can make Nigeria’s development wholesome and therapeutic.

On her part, a professor in the department of educational management and policy, professor Vivian Nwogbo stressed the need for education for sustainability to be pursued vigorously to enhance wholesome development in the nation.

In a lead paper presentation, professor Okechukwu Abonyi of the Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki identified some factors militating against wholesome development in Nigeria such as poor economy, inequality in the system, reduced lifespan through frustration,  misplacement of priorities in terms of appointments, emphasis on certificates, among other indices.

Professor Abonyi recommended performance evaluation, curriculum enrichment, entrepreneurial advancement, amongst others to foster wholesome development.

Contributing, an award recipient and the managing Director, Daniels construction company Limited, Engineer Daniel Ekene Nkwonta who hails from Enugukwu, decried the poor economic state of the nation which he said the Buhari led administration is fighting through his campaign against corruption which is catching up with some nation’s looters.

Engineer Nkwonta suggested that Nigeria should stop importationof all kinds of things and utilize its men and material resources to develop within.

He commended the governor Willie Obiano administration in Anambra State for providing a sound security network which is investment friendly, and further used the opportunity to call on  governors of the South East geo-political zone to galvanize Igbos to a round table conference to look inwards with a view to being a strong voice in Nigeria.



By John Ndu

Executives of the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) Alumni Association has conferred an award to Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State Governor for his Good Governance and Community Development.

Members of the National Executive of the  Association announced this when they visited the governor at the Governor’s Lodge, Amawbia.

Governor Obiano while addressing the executives described Anambra as the safest state in the country, saying his government had transformed the state through his developmental blueprints.

Chief Obiano said his administration had presently embarked on massive street lighting projects across the state to add to its aesthetic value.

The National President of the Association, Barr Andrew Oru, said the association always converge annually for a general meeting in a state of its choice and at the end, pay loyalty visit to the governor of the State.

Mr Oru said the essence of choosing Anambra this year for their meeting was because of the dynamic leadership and development strides which the Obiano led administration has introduced in the state.

The President commended governor Obiano, saying they had enjoyed adequate peace and security since their stay in Awka.

He also appealed to the Governor to give directives to facilitate the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy on the land allocated to the association as well as provide them with some logistics to enhance their various activities.

In his vote of thanks, the Awka Branch President of the Association, Mr Onyeka Okonkwo while appreciating the governor said the Land when developed would strengthen the activities of the association .

Prof. Omenugha flags off distribution of learning materials to Adult Learning

13. Prof. Omenugha flags off distribution of learning materials to Adult Learning

By Ebele Iyke Odili : The honorable commissioner for Education, Professor Kate Omenugha, yesterday, at the state Agency for mass literary, Adult and Non-formal Education, flagged off the distribution of one hundred standard learning desk and two hundred and eighty six Rechargeable lanterns which were to be shared to various Adult learning centres in the state, to encourage learners at the centres to be more productive. Professor Omenugha who reemphasized the commitments of the present administration in making the Education sector of the state the best in the country, disclosed that the gesture is part of Governor Obiano’s efforts to providing an enabling and conducive environment for learning/teaching in the state.

She commended the efforts and teaming spirit amongst the officials and staff of the Agency for mass literacy and urged them to keep the flag flying by being more proactive in helping the state government to achieve literacy in the state. Proff. Omenugha, then urged Learners and facilitators at the centres to make judicious use of the items.

The Acting Executive Secretary/Director of the Agency, Mr Donatus Nwosu eulogized our Dynamic Executive Governor Chief Willie Obiano, for his consistent desire to place Education at the fore front of His administration, hence the continuous massive provision of resource materials for teaching and learning at the various learning centres. Mr Nwosu further commended His Excellency for his recent provision of fund for construction and erection of signposts at all the learning centres of Adults and Non formal Education state wide.

Mr Ekene Ilozumba, Head of Administration of the Agency thanked the Honorable commissioner for her timely visit and promised on behalf of the state Agency, that the present AANFE is determined to maintain and improve on its present ranking as one of the best four states in good management and administration of Adult and Non formal Education subsector in Nigeria.



By Michael Ezenwata

The Nnamdi Azikiwe University faculty of Education is organizing a national conference with the theme “Education in the period of Economic recession”.

According to the chairman local organizing committee of the conference professor Uche Obidiegwu, the conference will commence on the 27th of April, 2017 with the keynote speaker professor G.O Akpa from the Taraba state University, and the lead paper presenter, Professor Grace Offoma of the University of Nigeria expected to grace the occasion.

Others expected during the conference according to professor Obidiegwu, include the Commissioner for Education, professor Kate Omenugha, the vice chancellor of NAU, Professor Joseph Ahaneku, and scholars from different parts of Nigeria.

Briefing the press on the theme of the conference, professor Obidiegwu who is the director of sandwich unit of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka campus noted that economic recession affects education and is characterized by financial crisis, fall in demand, decline in bank lending, fall in real wages and consumer confidence.

According to her, recession also affects education funding, teaching, research, and community service.

She therefore advocated creativity and innovation in schools and out of school as well as government establishment of community learning centres as measures to face the challenges of the recession.



 Gloria Anaeze Onitsha

Ex-students of Federal Polytechnic, Oko, have lent their voice to the clamour for speedy upgrade of the institution to university status, as they called on the federal government to put motion in place towards actualization of the project.

The Spokesperson of the group and National President of the institution’s alumni association, Comrade Luke Nweke, said it was their wish that the institution be upgraded given the level of its infrastructural and academic development.

According to Nweke ” It is the wish of all the alumni of this great institution that this polytechnic grows to a point of emerging as a university given the level of infrastructural and academic development with our individual and collective effort as a committee, this would soon become a mean achievement”.

Comrade Nweke, who was speaking in Awka during the inauguration of Central Working Committee of the association, expressed optimism that the objective would be realized as members of the association would contribute their quota towards the project in terms of infrastructure.

He listed some of the on-going projects being executed by the body in the institution to include, hostels, secretariat complex, adding that more branches would be set up to further strengthen the association for more exploits.

The Spokesperson also   called on members to be proactive in their advisory role by initiating new ideas and projects that could fetch progress as well as work for a more positive image development of all old and upcoming graduates.

Comrade Nweke noted that these  and other areas of interest will assist our graduate members as well as prospective undergraduates of the institution the first choice in the labour market anywhere in the world”

Earlier, the Rector of the Polytechnic, Prof Godwin Onu, said the institution has taken status symbol among polytechnics in the country due to some initiatives introduced to re-position it.

The Rector who was represented by Dr Ifeanyi Nsionu,Director of Academic Planning, urged the newly inaugurated committee to always work for the betterment of the institution.



By Michael Ezenwata

The Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University is graduating two thousand eight hundred and fifty one students (2,851) for its 8th convocation ceremony.

The vice chancellor of the university professor Fidelis Okafor who gave the indication at the 8th convocation press conference at the Igbariam campus of the university, gave the breakdown for the first degree graduates to include 13 1st class honours, 649 second class upper division honours, 1,348 2 second class lower division honours, 351 third class honours, and 17 pass degree.

According to professor Okafor three eminent Nigerians Chief Jim Nwobodo, Professor Kingsley Muoghalu, and Sir Chike Onyejiekwe have been selected for honourary doctorate degree in view of their contributions, to the development of the country, the state, and the university.

He said that honourary degrees awarded to beneficiaries in the history of the University have always been on merit and not on pecuniary tendencies.

Professor Okafor noted that the university is making progress and is equitably developing its three campuses at Uli, Igbariam and Awka reflecting the three senatorial zones of the state simultaneously.

The vice chancellor however refuted the insinuation that government is planning to relocate the Uli campus of the university, stressing that government has no such intention.

He announced that its Uli campus has the biggest Engineering faculty in the country, and will soon be commissioned having been completed.

Professor Okafor further announced that the university is expanding as it has established its department of Estate management at its Uli campus, pharmaceutical department and Criminal Justice and Security Services department at its Igbariam campus.

He noted with pride that the university has taken the lead in adhering to the old tradition of sustaining the academic calendar pointing to the fact that the university will on June 30th 2017, close for its 2016/2017 academic session.

In Agriculture, the vice chancellor said the university is developing a faculty of Agriculture complex at the Igbariam campus of the university which will be a centre of excellence in Nigeria.

In academic development, professor Okafor said his administration has consistently performed convocation ceremonies every year.



By Michael Ezenwata

The principal of Igwebuike Grammar school Awka Dr. Raphael Anaekeokwu has called on parents to monitor the activities of their children during the Easter celebration break.

Dr. Anaekeokwu who spoke to the press in Awka on the Easter period, urged them to disabuse their minds against the use of the GSM mobile phones to stem the tide of internet fraud in the society.

He said the college has come out with a uniform traditional attire nicknamed “Electric bulb” for students to be sewn as a Danshiki outfit with “Okpu Nwagwali” or “Abiriba cap” to match as part of efforts to promote the Igbo culture on Wednesdays as directed by the state government.

On her part, the principal of comprehensive secondary school Nawfia, Mr. Christian Ezeamaku urged students to be conscious of their studies during the Easter break especially the SS3 and JSS 3 students who will face the challenges of their examinations.

Mr. Ezeamaku expects students to live a life of holiness during the period of Easter.

Contributing, the principal of Eastern Academy girls secondary school Onitsha, Dr. Stella Umunna urged the students to keep away from bad company during the Easter holidays.

Dr. Umunna believes that the Easter period will usher in positive great things for Anambra state and Nigeria in general.




The Vice Chancellor of the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Prof. Fidelis U. Okafor recently hailed Governor Obiano of Anambra State for the developmental projects and improved funding of the university. He further urged the State Governor to intervene by employing more staff and providing more security for the three campuses that make up the Ivory Tower.

In his address, Prof. Okafor made the commendation at Igbariam Campus during the 8th Convocation ceremony of the University, saying that the University was grateful to the amiable governor and the presence of Anambra state Government which has alleviated the sufferings of both staff and undergraduates of the University community.

“His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano continues to break new grounds in the university. He has tackled and solved the problem of water supply in the university. Through his intervention, the electricity supply which was long forgotten has now been restored and power supply to the new site will be sourced through the ongoing electricity project of the State Government in the campus”, Okafor said.

“It is a great pleasure to announce that His Excellency approved the construction of University Medical Centre for Igbariam Campus, a prototype of the one built at Uli campus. He has also decided to complete the abandoned faculty of Management Sciences Building where staff and students gather to pray for divine intervention. We thank you for the increase in subvention in 2016, we now pay staff salaries and allowances with less difficulty. Thanks to the State Government that constructed the road from Uli-centre of the Onitsha-Owerri express road to the Uli Campus and to be extended further beyond the University. For all these and more we are grateful to our amiable Governor”. Okafor said

However, Prof. Okafor asked the Governor to approve employment of staff due to urgent need to meet NUC staff requirements.

“On this occasion of your presence in the University, we wish to ask for some favors. This university has a pressing need of staff, both academic and non-teaching. The National University Commission (NUC) has provided the benchmark for staffing in the university to meet NUC staff-student ratio”, pleaded Okafor.

“Security is needed for the protection of the students who reside inside the campus and its environs due to farness of the campus from the neighbouring communities. We request for the completion of the perimeter fence around the university to ward off the menace of herdsmen and their cattle as well as other possible intruders in this campus.said Okafor.



By Michael Ezenwata   

The provost Nwafor Orizu College of Education Nsugbe, Dr. Mrs. Ego Uzoezie has urged Christians to utilize the period of Easter to be selfless in their disposition.
Dr. Uzoezie who spoke to the press in Awka on the essence of Easter, noted that the period calls for sober reflection.
According to the provost who is also a papal lady in the Catholic Church, Christians should be sacrificial in their relationship with their neighbors and to the society they find themselves in.
On her part, the director of sandwich unit of the Nnamdi Azikiwe university Awka campus, Professor Uche Obidiegwu called for the prudent management of resources in the present economic recession in Nigeria.
According to professor Obidiegwu,  Easter celebration in the period of the economic recession calls for being modest in ones, spending and planning to succeed.
She used the occasion to speak on the forth coming national conference of the faculty of Education of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University aimed at finding solutions to encroachments against education in the period of economic recession.
Obiano Urges COOU graduands to be Proactive.

20. Obiano Urges COOU graduands to be Proactive.


The Anambra State Governor Chief Willie Obiano has urged the graduands of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) to engage in positive venture that will promote the good image of the institution.

Governor Obiano stated this at the 8th convocation ceremony of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, held at her Igbariam campus. Chief Obiano said that his administration will give the best and quality education as his vision in educational sector of the state.

He enumerated that his administration has made so much investment in educational development of the state, which include renovation of over 1400 classroom blocks, upgrading of over 60 science laboratories, paying teachers salaries as and when due, and government support to mission schools among others. Governor Obiano then urged the staff and management of the institution to intensify actions at maintaining high educational standard.

Earlier, the vice chancellor of the university Prof. Fidelis Okafor commended the state government for her interventions in the provision of their needs, stating that the university is expanding her frontiers in all sectors towards becoming the major centre for teaching and learning of arts and sciences.

The chairman of the university governing council Architect IkebuezeOchendo said that the council will soon unveil the strategic plan that will position the university towards enterprise and entrepreneurial studies to ensure that it exploits the opportunities available in private sector collaboration for its transformation.




By Michael Ezenwata

Governor Obiano Extolled For His Education Friendliness.

The Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka has successfully hosted its national conference with the theme, “Education in a period of Economic recession”.

The conference organized by the faculty of Education attracted scholars from parts of the country who brainstormed on measures to ameliorate the affects of the recession.

Speaking during the occasion, the commissioner for Education represented by Dr. Ray Offor urged universities and other tertiary institutions in the State to identify with the state government’s consultative committee for the formulation of educational policies that will enhance development in the sector.

The Vice Chancellor of the university professor Joseph Ahaneku represented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor  Administration, Professor Carol Arinze-Umobi had in a welcome address, commended the faculty of Education for being part of disseminating research findings and interrogating societal challenges.

In an address, the dean faculty of Education professor Nkechi Esemonu thanked the vice chancellor of the University for creating an enabling environment for teaching and learning in the university, and urged governments at all levels to make more impart in enhancing the education sector in Nigeria.

In a keynote address, a don from the University of Jos, professor Godwin Akpa frowned at the inadequate attention given to the education sector, and suggested measures to mitigate the effects of the economic recession to include enhancing the budgetary allocation to meet the united nations Benchmark of twenty six percent, the pragmatic restructuring of the economy of the nation,. Cutting down the cost of governance and the diversification of the nation’s economy.

In a vote of thanks, the chairman local organizing committee of the conference, professor Uche Obidiegwu commended governor Willie Obiano for his education friendliness and for creating a conducive environment for the socio-economic development of the state.

Professor Obidiegwu who described the conference as a success, also commended the vice chancellor of the university professor Ahaneku and the dean faculty of Education professor Esomonu for their support in enhancing academic excellence in the university.



By Ekwughe Gladys Obianuju

The Institutional and Policy Expert (IPE), Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Reform Programme, phase 11 (WSSSRP 11), Mr. Kabiru Abass has stressed the need for all the schools across Anambra State to have School Environmental Health Club as an avenue to influence positive healthy environment in schools.

Mr. Abass who said this during his visit to some of the schools in the State along with his team to sensitize the teachers and the students about Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) said the health of children while in school was very important.

The IPE, WSSSRP 11 noted that school children are in their formidable age  adding that poor health will impact negatively on their growth and development including their ability to learn.

According to him, the school environmental Health Club is a voluntary group where pupils/students meet, with the supervision of their teachers to learn, discuss  and take action on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene issues and well-being while in school.

He said that the objectives of the health club concluded were to promote hygienic lifestyles amongst pupils as well as to increase students’ knowledge and understanding of water, Sanitation and Hygiene issues to promote a healthy School environment.

Mr. Abass stated that the health club in schools will encourage outreach to the home and community and also challenge children to take the leadership roles and responsibilities.

Meanwhile, the heads of the schools visited expressed appreciatlon over the team’s interest on school children’s hygiene and promise to establish the club in their schools.

The schools visited were community  Secondary School, UmuobaAnam, Anambra East LGA, Enuobodo Central School,Umuatuolu Umueri, Anambra East LGA, St. Joseph Secondary School, Umuona, Aguata LGA and Community Secondary School, Oraeri, Aguata L GA.



Ebele Iyke Odili

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education Mrs. Ifeoma Ezeaku has commended the efforts of the management and staff of the Agency for Mass literacy, adult and non-formal education Awka for the actualization of the present administration’s vision for adult and non formal education in the state.

 Mrs. Ezeaku gave the commendation during her maiden visit to the Agency, as part of her familiarization tour to all the parastatals and agencies under the state Ministry of education

 On arrival, the permanent Secretary and her entourage were conducted round the offices, as well as the premises, with the aim of identifying the staff of the Agency, and ascertaining their achievements and challenges facing them.

 Mrs Ezeaku who expressed delight on the team spirit and efforts of the staff of the Agency towards reducing illiteracy to the barest minimum assured them of more support from the Education Ministry, maintaining that sound education remains one of the paramount objectives of the present administration.

 She promised to carry everybody along under her leadership as the permanent Secretary, urging the staff of the Agency to be more dedicated to duty for more positive results.

 In his response the Ag. Executive Secretary/Director of the Agency, Mr. Donatus Nwosu, who congratulated the Permanent Secretary on her new appointment, thanked her for the visit, pledging to remain committed in taking all necessary steps towards wiping out illiteracy from the state in the next few years.

Mr. Nwosu, commended the Governor of Anambra state Chief Willie Obiano for his exemplary role in pushing education sector forward; stressing that presently Anambra state Agency for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non-formal Education is highly rated by the UNESCO, and NMEC, Abuja for her excellent performance in literacy delivery within the past years.

 The Acting Executive Secretary/Director appealed for necessary assistance to improve the welfare of their state facilitators in line with the new national Bench Mark which he said will serve as stimulus for clinching number 1 position nationally in the next rating by the world and the national organizations.




By Michael Ezenwata
The Vice chancellor of the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Professor Fidelis Okafor has said that the university community is alive to its civic obligations of ensuring that all eligible adults register in the ongoing re validation of voters register.
Professor Okafor who gave the indication at Ukwulu while speaking to the press pointed out that the exercise is smooth.
The vice chancellor called on all eligible persons who are yet to register to do so as good citizens.
On his part, the acting dean of Arts of the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu university very Reverend Monsignor professor John Paul Nzomiwu decried the inadequacy of the data capturing machines for the exercise believing that it is a calculated attempt to disenfranchise the electorate in this part of the country.
Monsignor Nzomiwu however urged all eligible persons to go out and obtain their voters cards to participate in the forth coming gubernatorial election in the state.
The cleric expressed his support for the governor Obiano leadd ministration in the state which he believes deserves their support.



By Michael Ezenwata

The National Conference on Education has called for the diversification of the nation’s economy to augument its Gross Domestic Product to internationally accepted standard.

The conference organized by the faculty of Education of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka campus made the resolution in Awka as part of its 4-point communiqué.

Anchoring on the theme of the conference “Education in a period of Economic Recession” and endorsed by the chairman of the communiqué committee professor Anthony Ogbalu and the secretary Dr. Carol Ezeugbor the conference recommended twenty six percent budgetary allocation to education in line with the UNESCO’S benchmark.

It advocated the enhancement of public, private partnership for better funding of education especially in the present period of recession to reduce dependence on government for financing all levels of education system.

The conference also called for the inclusion of entrepreneurship education in the curriculum of every programme in the tertiary institution.

It further called for good governance in Nigeria to ensure qualitative education.

The conference made special reference to the dean faculty of education professor Nkechi Esomonu, the chairman local organizing committee of the conference professor Uche Obidiegwu and other members of the communiqué committee for their efforts.

COOU cautions against careless lifestyle

26.COOU cautions against careless lifestyle

By John Ndu

The Vice Chancellor, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Professor Fidelis Okafor has said that the institution was working assiduously towards promoting academic excellence among students and lecturers.

Professor Okafor who stated this at the 5th Inaugural Lecture of the institution held at the Igbariam Campus observed that recent breakthrough recorded indicated the efforts of the management to make a mark.

Accordingly, students had performed tremendously well at international competitions in recent times.

Professor Okafor who was represented by Deputy Vice chancellor, Professor Sylvester  Madu  harped on the essence of inaugural lecture which was meant to showcase the potential of the university in enhancing intellectual capability of the lecturers.

Professor Okafor was of the opinion that the institution is now well focused with research and other intellectual engagements to better the society.  Represented by his Deputy, Professor Sylvestet Madu,  Professor Okafor appealed for hard work and dilligence among students and lecturers.

In his inaugural speech, Professor Linus Ezenweke who is a professor of Inorganic Chemistry advised people to avoid foods and drinks wrapped in metallic materials which he said is injurious to health.

The Don argued that such foods could cause cancer, stressing that wrapping moi-moi in foils is dangerous as the foils are  part of heavy metal content. Continuing,  Professor Ezenweke opined that ignorance is what people suffer when they use such materials.

He stressed that people should go natural in their choice of  food they eat.

He said it is time people started eating organic food instead of inorganic, arguing that most of the foods people eat are artificial and contain lots of metals.

The chairman on the committee in charge of inaugural lecture, Dr Chris Uzuegbunam was full of praises for the lecturer for painstakingly explaining  lots of things. The event was attended by professional colleagues both within and outsiders.



Four Secondary schools in the two focal local Government Areas of Anambra state, Aguata and Anambra East LGAs have been selected by the European Union’ s Water supply and Sanitation Sector Reform Programme to benefit from the proposed construction of the modern toilet facilities.

The Institutional and Policy Expert, Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Reform Programme, phase
11 (WSSSRP) 11, Mr. Kabiru Abass who dropped this hint during his visit to the beneficiary schools in the state recently, said that the schools included Community Secondary School, Umuoba Anam, Enuobodo Central School, Umuatuolu Umueri, St. Joseph Secondary School, Umuona and Community Secondary School, Oraeri all in Anambra East and Aguata LGAs respectively.
Mr. Abass also revealed to the school’s heads and the Water Consumers Association s (WCAs) that the European Union will as well sponsor water supply and Sanitation facilities in each of the school.
The European Union Representative added  that units of four compartments toilet will be built for male and female users adding that the toilet design would be pour flush to ensure easy maintenance and minimal water usage. Concerning the provision of adequate security to man the facilities during and after the construction, the school administrators said they would discuss with the community leaders towards the possibility of attaching young men to the school as well as the town’s vigilante groups.
In terms of maintenance, Mr. Abass tasked the school’s management , community members and Water Consumers Association to operate and maintain the Water Supply and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) facilities in their communities.
“There is therefore the need for the schools to set aside funds to be used to maintain their WASH facilities. It is also important that the right people are selected and trained to properly manage the facilities. Routine maintenance is also advised to avoid major breakdowns”, he stated.



By Gloria. Anaeze

The Director, School of Entrepreneurial Studies, Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurial
Studies, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Prof Ngozi Anyikwa, has urged youths to embrace skill acquisition and training to enable them conquer poverty.

Prof Anyikwa, who was speaking during an annual seminar with the theme ”Rags to Riches-The Goal of Entrepreneurship” said entrepreneurship could be undertaken by students as a
potential career path in the face of bulging youth unemployment crisis in Nigeria. She further said that the seminar was organized to create opportunities for students to learn about entrepreneurship from successful scholars and entrepreneurs to stir and motivate them to explore their own entrepreneurial ideals and potentials.

According to Prof. Anyikwa,  the Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies in partnership with  Chike Okoli Foundation are also  committed to instilling entrepreneurial mindset in students, that would spur them to recognize and seize opportunities to create their own businesses and successfully manage them.

Prof Anyikwa, thanked the guest speakers, the chairman on the occasion and the resource persons for honoring the invitation, their benefactor, Chief (Dr.) Stella U. Okoli (OON), Chairman of Chike Okoli Foundation. Chief (Dr.)  Emeka Okoli, and the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof.Joseph Eberendu Ahaneku (FAS) for his unflinching support to the Centre and his firm belief that developing an entrepreneurial mindset in  University Students is a sure path to Nigerians economic development”

The Vice Chancellor of the Institution, Prof. Ahaneku on his part during the lecture urged Students to actively participate in seminars in their own interest.

Prof Ahaneku reminded the students that securing white collar jobs on graduation is no more possible advising them to make maximum use of the knowledge they acquired during the seminar to add value to their lives and become employer of labour market rather than job seekers.

The Seminar was well attended by over 2000 students and staff of Unizik as well as other participants from outside the University community.



Okoye Chinazo

The Anambra State Post- Primary School Services Commission (PPSSC) Chairman, Lady Joy Ulasi, has called on the newly-elected prefects of the 257 post-primary public schools in Anambra State to effectively make use of punishment and not abuse it.

Lady Ulasi made the call in a key note address during the recent flag off ceremony of the 2017 leadership training for prefects which was held at St. Peter’s Secondary School, Achina.

Speaking during the occasion, Lady Ulasi urged the newly-elected prefects to effectively practicalize the ten shared values initiated by Governor Willie Obiano, to assist them command followership and leave indelible marks and legacies at the end of their tenure.

The chairman equally discloseded that for one to be a good leader, they must be pro-active in foreseeing any issue that might bring crisis and nipping it in the bud.

In a speech, the principal, St. Peter’s Secondary School, Achina, Mr. Gabriel Nwosu welcomed the participants on behalf of the management, staff and students of the school and advised them to bring the desired positive change as the future depends on them.

The Principal, Girls’ Secondary School, Igboukwu, Lady Franca Ngozi Okeke in her own paper, noted that a school where good leadership is there will surely have great stories of success to tell.

Also speaking, the former Zonal Guidance Counselor PPSSC, Aguata Zone, Mrs. Ezenibe Nkiru stated that, instead of using corporal punishment which has been banned in Anambra State school system, non corporal punishment like suspension, dismissal, expulsion, digging of pits, grass cutting etc should be used.

Contributing, the principal Aguata High School Joseph Josephs equally asked the prefects to be the link between the students and the school authority and as “watch dogs” of the school, they should strive to detect when the students are not happy.



By Michael Ezenwata

The Deputy registrar of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Pastor Ikediukwu Nwanoro has advocated the implementation of the free education policy for the Nigerian child from primary to the university level.

Pastor Nwanoro who spoke to the press at Igbariam on this year’s international year of the child suggested that the policy at the university level should be for special disciplines like medicine, Engineering, etc.

The head pastor of the life of Victory Evangelical church Umuoma Uli urged the government, parents and guardians to be committed to the training of children especially in the area of their education and health needs as future leaders and as precious gifts from God for a better society.

He spoke against all forms of child labour and suggested the prosecution of all parents found to be culpable, as well as the regulation of child birth according to the means of parents.

Pastor Nwanoro commended Governor Willie Obiano’s administration for its investment in education sector of the child and made special reference to the state which recorded the best record in this year’s National common entrance examination in which two pupils from the state had the best results.

On his part, the principal of Comprehensive secondary school Nawfia, Mr. Christian Ezeamaku also frowned at child labour, and encouraged parents and wards to send their children to school.

Mr. Ezeamaku further advocated proper funding of Education for the benefit of children.

AANFE Boss Commiserates With Gov. Obiano Over Mother's Death

31.AANFE Boss Commiserates With Gov. Obiano Over Mother’s Death

By Ebele  Iyke  Odili

The Ag. Executive Secretary and Director of Agency for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non Formal Education, AANFE, Mr. Donatus Nwosu has condoled  the Executive Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano over the death of his mother, Madam Christiana Obiano who reportedly died on Friday, 2nd June, 2017, at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, aged 90.

In a condolence message signed by the AANFE boss and made available to newsmen in Awka, he said that mere looking at Madam Obiano’s children, one needs no further proof that she was a loving, caring and disciplined mother.

According to Mr. Nwosu, the late matriarch lived a life worthy of emulation, noting that it was a huge blessing for one to attain the age of ninety years.

On behalf of the management, staff of Agency for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non Formal Education, AANFE, we sincerely sympathize with the Executive Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano at this moment of grief. Please accept our heartfelt condolence.

Mr. Nwosu enjoined others to pray for quick repose of the octogenarian’s soul.



By Mike Ezenwata

The principal of Inland Girls Secondary School, Onitsha, barrister Mrs. Ugo Eze has commended the governor Willie Obiano’s administration for enhancing the viability of the education sector in the state.

Barrister Eze who spoke to the press in Awka during an inspection visit to the school by newsmen, said under the governor’s watch the state has won some laurels in many national competitions.

According to the principal, the Obiano Administration has recorded some landmark achievements which are noteworthy.

She however, presented some challenges facing the school which has over two thousand students population to include inadequate toilet facilities, dilapidated fence, need for intro technology trained teacher and need for two mathematics teachers for the whole school, dilapidated classrooms, corpers lodge, principal’s house, obsolete science/Humanities staff room, and the rough school ground which needs landscaping.

Barrister Eze made a passionate appeal to the governor to come to the aid of the school to make the reading, teaching and learning environment to be more conducive.

The principal used the forum to commiserate with governor Obiano on the death of her mother Madam Christiana Obiano.

In a remark, the head of the computer unit of the school, Mrs. Doris Ezeanyim spoke of the security challenges facing the school and made reference to the disappearance of some computer sets about three years ago and under the previous administration in the school.




Anambra State Civil servants have been  advised to uphold the ethics of their profession for maximum productivity in various Ministries, Department and Agencies.

Addressing newly employed N_Power Teachers drawn across the 21 Local Government Areas.

Mrs. Mitchelle Onugbolu, Senior Special Assistant on Social Re-Orientation emphasized the need for civil servants to be reminded of ethics of their profession.

In her lectures, titled “Proper Work Ethics In Civil Service”  she defined civil service as a totality of all the productive services rendered for which one is paid a salary and renumeration.

“It is the type of work for which a good citizen receives a pay which should be legitimate, profitable and of reward that would make for sustainable development”.

Mrs Onugbolu who gave a vivid description of ethics governing the civil service maintained that the vision of the scheme is a world class service, implementing government policies and programmes for rapid and sustainable development with its mission of attaining an integrity and merit based civil service that is performance driven, accountable and committed to continuous improvement in the conduct of government business.

She added that  ethics meaning beliefs, values, cultures and philosophy should be imbibed by all irrespective of one’s institution, family, community or church.

The SSA however advised the newly employed teachers to uphold the principle of the service which are professionalism, stewardship, accountability, hard work and dedication.

Earlier in his paper presentation “Dedication and Service Delivery In Relation to Teacher-Students Interactions”, Dr. Laz C. Okafor, Director of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, discussed the need for attitudinal change towards work for improved service delivery amongst teachers and students.

He therefore called on teachers not to be ashamed of their profession as much is expected from them.

Dr Okafor however opined that there is a problem with the business of  delivering services in schools but no one is willing to accept blame or responsibility.

“If we all acknowledge that there is a problem in delivering services, then the essence of this re-orientation is being achieved to re-direct our attitudes in service to our students and make it a vehicle for grass root development as is envisaged by the initiators of the N-Power of the federal government” he remarked.

Also, Sir B. U. Azi, Director Partnership Cordination, Department of Economic Planning and Budget gave a lecture on Early Savings for Retirement amongst others.

Expressing satisfaction about the one day seminar, some participants Okechukwu Patience from community secondary school oko in Aguata, Ogbu Ngozi, Community secondary school Enugwu Agidi, Njikoka LGA, Okafor Chioma Cafe City secondary school Oyi and Umenaka Chukwuemeka from Community high school Akwa Eze who spoke on their challanges at their various places of primary assignment as N-Power Teachers stated that they were segregated among permanent teachers and given much “work load” in most schools. They however thanked the organizers for a successful hosting of the event.



Governor, Willie Obiano and his wife, Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano. Have been commended for rebuilding and transforming special Education centres in Isulo and Umuchu in Orumba South and Aguata Local Government Area respectively.

Making the commendation on behalf of the management and students of the special centres, the State Commissioner for Education, Prof Kate Omenugha appreciated the governor’s positive impact on the schools, She disclosed that the governor has increased the monthly subventions of the two special Education centres from (#50,000)fifty thousand naira to (#400,000) four hundred thousand naira.

She stated that Governor Obiano has also provided transformers to power Basden Memorial Special Education Centre Isulo,and Special Education Centre at Umuchu respectively, while Mrs Obiano also sunk a bore-hole,to ensure steady water supply for the pupils.

The management and students of the two special Education Centres prayed for God’s continued blessing of Governor Obiano, and his wife.

By Josephine nwando