By Chinelo  Ajulufo : The Anambra State government has commenced   a week   training workshop on Aerial Photography in Awka. The training which aims at facilitating the state government planning and development is being conducted by the Aeroprecisa limited.

The M.D/CEO of Awka Capital Territory Development Authority (ACTDA), Arc. Michael M.  Okonkwo  disclosed  that  the  State  government  wants  to  use  the  Aerial  photography  for  collation, storage  and usage of  such  data   for  the purpose  of  development, planning and  possible enhancement of  revenue  generation  in  Anambra, hence  the  need to  train  and  select a  number  of  staff  representatives  from  different  MDAS.

Addressing news  men, the  Commissioner  for  Information  and  Communication  Strategy,  Ogbuefi  Tony  Nnacheta  stated  that  the  essence  of  the  training  is  to  enable  the  state  government  ensure  proper  land  usage, land  conservation  and  proper  city  planning  to  boost    governments  Urban  renewal plan.

Also  speaking,  the  head  of department  on  Corporate  Investment  and  Promotion  Service(CIPS) in  Awka  Capital  Territory  Development  Authority, Miss  Ifeoma  Obi, said  so  far  in the  training, She  has  learnt that  one  can  conveniently  sit  at  home  and  still get  the  data  bases  of  people  in  schools,  towns  and  different  local  governments  within  the  state  through  the  use of  Aerial  photography.

The  Executive  director  of  ACTDA, Ernest  Adinweruka  in a remark disclosed  that  the  Aerial  photography  is  going  to  ease  the collection  of  data  of  banks  and  other  institutions, monitoring  of  taxes  and  also for  updating  information  tracking  systems.


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Director of Information Ministry of Information & Communication Strategy Awka Anambra State

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